Taiwan StartUp Interview -Action Lead

 2024-03-12 By: 台北市電腦公會

Founded by four BMC firmware developers, Action Lead specializes in providing customized design services for server firmware through OpenBMC. They address the market demand for networking technology applications such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud, and IoT, offering professional consulting services and outsourcing for BMC customization to partners interested in entering the OpenBMC field.

They help clients save manpower and development costs and have successfully provided OpenBMC solutions for multiple server manufacturers. The team members at Action Lead have years of experience in BMC development and have deep expertise in server management. They have been involved in various server product developments, including rack mount servers, rack level server system, HPCs, various CPU platforms, BMC chips/firmware architectures, and more. With specialized BMC technical knowledge, particularly in the field of "OpenBMC", Action Lead's research and development have reached a level where they can not only provide professional and comprehensive customization services, but also leverage their diverse backgrounds to gain insights into the industry. This enables them to fully understand the needs and trends of the server industry as well as effectively provide professional consultation to clients, clarify requirements, assess feasibility, reduce development time and costs, and propose the most suitable solutions for clients.

As a startup, Action Lead's flexibility and adaptability enable them to swiftly adjust and respond to their customers’ needs in tight project development schedules, fostering closer and deeper collaboration with clients.

Action Lead stated that "Each project is unique, and clients might operate in different environments with various constraints and schedules. We are able to better adapt to different scenarios and provide clients with flexible solutions while ensuring successful product delivery within the limited timeframes."

Action Lead emphasizes that the demand for BMC-related solutions in the server market is steadily increasing, especially with the high level of customization required by major manufacturers. Leveraging their rich experience and capabilities in BMC software development, Action Lead can provide professional consultation to clients, helping clarify requirements, assess feasibility, and effectively reduce development time and costs. This enables Action Lead to propose the most suitable solutions for clients.

"Currently, most server system manufacturers develop BMC internally, which incurs significant labor costs and entails the challenge of workforce turnover," Action Lead stated.

It is important to note that establishing and maintaining a BMC team is a costly endeavor because the BMC talent market is small and proficiency in the relevant technical backgrounds has a certain threshold.

Despite this, Action Lead can assist clients in building their own OpenBMC development teams or provide the option to collaborate with Action Lead as their best partner, avoiding the risks associated with assembling an in-house team and addressing the issue of inadequate human resources in the existing R&D team.

Furthermore, due to the differences between the OpenBMC architecture and traditional commercial BMC FW architecture, developers need to be familiar with both frameworks simultaneously, leading to tight development resources within the team.

Collaborating with Action Lead can reduce the need for dedicated resources to learning the OpenBMC architecture, effectively bypassing the associated learning costs.

In addition to providing services such as OpenBMC architecture design, OpenBMC automated testing, system maintenance, system control, management functions, and system monitoring, Action Lead recognizes the increasing demand for technologies such as artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, as well as the rising demand for servers based on OpenBMC.

Therefore, Action Lead plans to continue investing in technological innovation and upgrades. It aims to actively collaborate with hardware manufacturers, data center operators, and other stakeholders to create more comprehensive solutions and build a stable ecosystem.

This will attract developers and partners and ensure a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving technology landscape. Furthermore, Action Lead prioritizes customer experience and addresses issues related to data privacy and security, ensuring continued success in the fast-paced technological environment.

Reference: Action Lead