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Ganzin Technology Inc.



Taiwania Capital Innovation Award
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image of AURORA II Software

AURORA II Software

Ganzin Aurora eye-tracking solution opens up a wealth of new applications for eye-tracking by dramatically improving the integration possibilities with a smaller, more efficient, and versatile design. Powered by the AI-based algorithm, it is the most easy-to-install eye tracking on the market and can be used for AR/VR/smart-glasses. Ganzin Aurora eye-tracking solution lowers the barrier for integrating gaze control and behavior analysis capabilities for wearable devices.

image of Ganzin SOL eye tracker glasses

Ganzin SOL eye tracker glasses

Ganzin Sol glasses is a wearable eye-tracker. It can deliver more comprehensive visual attention information for natural usage scenarios in a wide field of view. Ganzin Sol glasses is a powerful tool for human behavior research, medical research, marketing, and smart manufacturing.

image of Jorjin J7EF Gaze AR glasses

Jorjin J7EF Gaze AR glasses

Jorjin J7EF Gaze AR Smart Glasses is launched with Ganzin Aurora eye-tracking solution at the end of 2021. It features communication with a first-person perspective and hands-free interaction. The powerful eye-tracking system enhances the Human-Machine Interaction (HCI) and can be applied for Smart Healthcare, Smart Manufacturing, and more fields.



Company Description

We focus on creating the next generation eye tracking modules that can be easily integrated into AR/VR modules to help unlock the potential of the eye as a seamless interface into the extended reality world.

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