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Hyson Technology Inc.


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Startup Terrace Award (ST Award)Qualcomm Innovation Award
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image of FarmABetterFish Aquaculture Automatic System

FarmABetterFish Aquaculture Automatic System

On-time manage all your fishing farms and check fish growth/health status anytime, anywhere. AI computing is embedded to do sampling, measure, record, statistical tracking of fish growth, and support to auto-judge the control of operational equipment. Features: • One User-Friendly Interface to Manage All your Fishing Farms. • AI technologies to auto-monitor, sample and measure your stock status: size, length, weight, activity, etc. • Private Cloud to auto-record, analyze, store all your aquaculture data and Keep Your Data Safe. • Support Wide-range Species: Grouper, Cobia, Pompano, Threadfin, Tilapia, Aquarium Fish, etc. • Adaptable AI Image Processing for Various Environment: Cage Culture / Marine Culture / Inland Culture. • Multi-level User Management with Different GUI. • Connect with Water Quality Detectors/Local Weather Station with Abnormal Alert (Optional). • Connect with Auto-Equipment: auto-feeder, waterwheels, etc (Optional).

image of Aquaculture Inspection Camera Module

Aquaculture Inspection Camera Module

Capture Under-Water Images of Your Stock to Check Fish/Shrimp Growth and Health Status in Dense Aquaculture Surroundings. Features: • 1080P High-Resolution Stereo-Vision Under-Water Camera. • 360° Viewing Angle: Support to Remotely Change Angle. • Embedded Fill Light for Low Illumination Environment: Support to Remote Control from Portable Control Panel. • Ultra-Low Power: < 3W (+15W with Embedded Fill Light). • Minimum Illumination: 0.0005Lux. • Wide-range Working Temperature: -20° ~ +70°. • Wide-range Lens Support: 1.8mm ~ 16mm. • Weight: ~2KG in Air & ~0.5KG in Sea Water. • Feasible to Most of Aquaculture Environments: Cage Culture / Marine Culture / Inland Culture. • 10m Depth Rating from Sea/Water Level: Support most Net-Cage Type (Optional to upgrade for more than 10m depth area). • Support to Connect with Your Working Craft (Optional).

image of Portable IoT Control Panel

Portable IoT Control Panel

Real-Time Monitor Feeding, Check and Record Fish/Shrimp Health Status for Your Fishing Farms. Features: • Designed for Harsh Environments. • 1 Portable Panel to Support Multiple Fishing Farms. • Real-Time Monitoring with High-Level Panel: 18.5" HD Resolution, Capacitive Touch Panel, 1000 nits High Brightness, IP65 Water Repellent for Shell/Panel. • Embedded Industrial Computer: Intel i3-6100TE 2.7Hz Processor, 8G DDR4, 1TB 7200RPM, etc. • Wide-Range Working Temperature: -20° ~ +60°. • Auto-connect with Cloud Server for Data Synchronize. • Support Multi-level User Management: Manager / Feed Storage Management Personnel / Field Fishermen / etc. • Support to Connect with your Working Craft (Optional). • Support to Customize User Interface (Optional). • Support Edge-AI Computing (Optional): Fish Activity Analysis, Feed Efficiency Analysis, Fish Density and Sea Lice Counting, etc. • Support to Connect with your IT/ERP system (Optional).


FarmABetterFish AIoT Aquaculture Management System

Company Description

HysonTech is your unique partner in software / electrical / mechanical system integration. We design AIoT products and provide comprehensive technical solutions in agriculture, forestry, fishery and animal husbandry, and beyond. Our automatic aquaculture system named “FarmABetterFish” can make aquaculture visible, measurable, controllable, and thus easier for fishermen to manage stock and scale up the production with lower risk. Our system integrates the state-of-the-art AI and IoT technologies together with on-site operational equipment to automate aquaculture routine jobs, reduce operational risks, while improving productivity in an eco-friendly way.
HysonTech make your aquaculture business easier and more efficient.

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