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DataYoo Edgeman

In 2020, we use our own algorithm not only make greenhouse cherry tomatoes harvest in Taoyuan increase 16% average weight but yields increase 18%. Many of the farms are located in the countryside where have extremely low internet coverage. Compared with other smart agricultural companies are now struggling with the issue that they need internet to function their devices, We have created EdgeMAN prediction system which is the World's 1st Crop Algorithm Edge Computing Technology.

DataYoo AGInteller

Is Smart Agriculture always equipped with sensors, weather stations? Am I unable to get with Smart Agriculture without actually owe a field? We made the user friendly product for those agriculture users. Our new product ”AG Inteller” is a compact linebot which gives you all the information about agriculture price of the agriculture product, and it's designed for anybody as long as you have a need to buy an apple for today's dinner. Whether the prices are different according to the season or market, “AG Inteller” summaries all the information that is on the market, you can easily understand the data through charts and bars in the Line application . Acquire the numbers and information are not no longer complicated.

Company Description

DataYoo is a tech company that specializes in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Our core product, "Farm predictor" Crop Algorithm. provide Data Prediction Service to Agriculture enterprises and wholesalers . We help our clients not only cultivate their crops depending on their accumulated experience but empowered by data and predictive analysis. By introduce DataYoo's calculation system, they can establish a stable quality management model, which will improve their development of the export market and increase their overall competitiveness significantly. We hope to grasp the key in the sea of data and discover new values in the traditional industry.

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