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KryptoGO Co., Ltd.


Fintech & Blockchain

Qualcomm Innovation Award
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With a team equipped with expertise in finance, regulatory and technology, we provide a one-stop solution for all CDD requirements. So far we are in service for banks, insurance companies, FinTech industry and VASP. Our product features in flexibility in modules and high-speed in deployment, with multiple sales plans such as SaaS, API, on premise to meet different demands, with an average cost of USD$1 per check. The KYABC aims to resolve: 1. Lack of advancements in AML technology upon the innovation in financial assets, leading to unexpected ways to launder money. 2. The supervisors’ tendency to continuously make amendments toward stricter regulations on personal information, etc. 3. Lack of efficiency and accuracy in artificial CDD process due to insufficient experience. 4. Time and energy wasted among checking back-and-forth in result of inadequate data base. 5. No existing platform to complete a rapid screening for institutions to reveal the risk of whom they encounter with.

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Company Description

With forward-thinking and patented technology, KryptoGO has created an advanced financial regulatory DD search engine based on AI and blockchain technology, helping all industries and government organizations to meet the thriving 21st-century Smart Due Diligence demand. Our solution has been proven to reduce up to 80% of the time required and effectively address the top concerns among financial institutions. Our products stem from complying to regulatory standards, including services such as verifying identities, cryptocurrency transaction tracing and tracking, cross-chain data analysis, and targeted identities' risk analyzing, controlling, and monitoring.

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