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Innohale Therapeutics Ltd.


Healthcare & Biotech

Grand Prize: SMEA Award
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The PowerNO™portable system rapidly and precisely generates nitric oxide (NO) from ambient air, delivers the prescribed dose of gas and monitors levels of toxic by-products. It is an enabling technology, making inhaled NO delivery accessible for home care. The system is suitable for ventilated patients as well as patients who receive oxygen support through masks or nasal cannulas, and can also be used as stand alone therapy in patients not requiring oxygen support. The system was validated in a comprehensive in vitro setting as well as in a pre-clinical trial, and about to enter a clinical trial in real-world clinical setting.

Company Description

Innohale Therapeutics is transforminig inhaled Nitric Oxide therapy and offering an enabling technology for home care that is both scalable and cost effective.
Despite being an established therapy, inhaled nitric oxide (iNO) is still only accessible to 10% of patients, mainly in ICUs. This is due to its high cost, complex monitorning technology, and cumbersome delivery logistics via pressurized NO tanks.
Our vision is to make this potent therapy accessible to all patients, everywhere.
Our proprietary technology delivers on-demand NO via bedside, portable, reliable and cost-efficient NO delivery systems that include remote monitoring and automated dosing. This technology enables NO therapy expansion into areas of unmet needs in the hospitals and at home (where it is not accessible today), with superior precision, quality, safety and affordability.

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