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5G & IoT

Startup Terrace Award (ST Award)
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WeavAir solution is composed of 3 components: 1)WeavDetect - a modular multi-sensor IoT device network that provides detailed monitoring of energy efficiency and air hazards levels & sources, mechanical systems status & health, human wellbeing and occupancy diagnostics. 2) WeavPredict - A collection of predictive models and algorithms that can be applied to sensor data to enable more accurate anomaly detection & alerts, improving indoor air quality and saving energy 3) WeavConnect – A software solution that connects anomaly detection to smarter decisions and automation to save power, improve maintenance process and improve safety & wellness of people

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Company Description

Weavair, a Safety-as-a-Service company, provides WeavDetect, a multi-sensor IoT device network and WeavConnect, a predictive software solution, that uses advanced algorithms to predict and prevent contamination and diagnose the source before it becomes serious. The system helps make better decisions to control of the spread of airborne contaminants and infection like COVID-19 while reducing liability and downtime.

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