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Rapid Diagnostic Systems - NAOR


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Startup Terrace Award (ST Award)
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image of NaorCov19- Saliva based Molecular Diagnostic for COVID-19

NaorCov19- Saliva based Molecular Diagnostic for COVID-19

Rapid Saliva based Molecular Diagnostic for non-lab settings, initially for COVID-19. Carries CE mark as a Molecular Diagnostic. Revolutionary mechanism to allow for 40 minutes results without expensive infrastructure or skill set. Color change based results with a unique saliva buffer that allows for a robust, scalable workflow and results.

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Company Description

A Rapid, saliva based point-of-care, simplified molecular diagnostic platform using RT-LAMP. The platform is applicable to any virus or bacteria with an RNA. We had received the CE mark for its COVID-19 saliva rapid test. Perform anywhere, by anyone; Simple and rapid process: Collect, Heat (10 min. at 95c and then 30 min. at 65c), Look for color change; Easy and self- collected saliva samples and simple processing; Unlimited testing capacity of samples side-by-side, using standard heaters. Originated from the Israeli Technion with a multidisciplinary team trained at Harvard, Weizmann and Columbia Universities. Developed in collaboration with the Israeli Ministry of Defense R&D Arm.

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