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Startup Terrace Award (ST Award)
Founding Year: 2016
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Your clinic at Home An intuitive self assessment and monitoring device, the PyXy provides patients with a piece of mind and a positive life impact from the comfort of their own home, by providing indication of the clinical condition and ecxcerbation detection based on AI technology. Ideally suited for patients suffering from lung and heart chronic diseases.

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Immediate Primary Care Diagnosis Breakthrough VoqX detects infrasound and audible sounds, identifies clinical condition based on our AI algorithms and displays diagnosis through our proprietary sound signature image. This can reduce the need for CT or X-Ray radiation or invasive blood tests and provides health care professionals a precise, fast diagnosis.

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Company Description

Sanolla develops medical diagnosis and patient monitoring solutions using patented AI-based infrasound auscultation technology.

Sanolla's products include the VoqX smart stethoscope and the PyXy home monitoring device for chronic disease management and early exacerbation detection. Leveraging both audible and infrasound body acoustics, Sanolla's AI algorithms provide disease classification for many cardiopulmonary diseases, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumonia, asthma, congestive heart failure, and cardiac morbidities.