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IRegained Inc.


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Startup Terrace Award (ST Award)
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MyHand System

IRegained has developed the MyHand TM System, a proprietary hand function rehabilitation system which aims to restore lost hand function in stroke or brain trauma survivors. The system leverages neuroplasticity, the human brain’s ability to ‘reprogram’ its neural pathways. Backed by 40 years of clinical & scientific research-based evidence with guidance from accomplished rehab professionals, this system can help people with disability regain their independence. The MyHand TM System has IP Protection through patents which are in national phase filing in US, Canada, EU, India & China as well as trade secrets and additional IP in process.

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MyHand System

Company Description

IRegained is a Digital Neurotherapeutics (DTx) company helping 100 M stroke survivors worldwide live independently once again. We have developed the MyHand System, a new paradigm in hand function rehabilitation which leverages neuroplasticity to "reprogram" neural pathways and recover motor control with telemedicine, AI and IoMT platforms. It's a life-changing technology with strong IP, a $30B market opportunity and a low regulatory barrier to entry.

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