2021 speaker

Bruce Lin

Bruce Lin

Chief Executive Officer National Tsing Hua University

Bruce Lin, CEO of NTHU GLORIA Operation Center, is a Ph.D. in Systems Industrial Engineering University of Arizona. He used to be the top executives such as CEO of Zocean Poewr Technology Co., Ltd., Deputy General Manager of Comtrend Corporation, Country Manager of Flextronics International Ltd., and the Director of the service and production department of Zyxel Communications Corp. CEO Lin has more than 20 years of management experience, good at communication and coordination, cross-department collaboration and has dedicated his life to recruiting new team, planning and establishment new plant, integrating new department and new market development strategies. Since 2017, he has been the Chief Operating Officer of NTHU GLORIA Program Office, building a platform for enterprises and NTHU, serving NTHU teachers and benchmark enterprises; Since he became CEO in 2019, he has added to the original business responsibility of Industry Collaboration Service Division as the unified window of GLORIA Program and integrate new innovation and cultivation, intellectual property technology transfer, legal contract and other businesses, so as to gradually build the research and innovation ecosystem of NTHU. At the same time, CEO Lin invited industry experts to check the R&D capability and technical teams in school, provide value-added services, and become a bridge between the academia and the industry. The team led by CEO Lin creates customized solutions for the industry and academia, and plays the role of communication and coordination. For example, the collaboration between THSRC and NTHU is a highlight industry-academic case, and the promotion of joint R&D with enterprises based on the model of " Enterprise Issues Schools Solve " is also the key strategy of CEO Lin. That is to sign a contract with cooperative enterprises for five years and invest more than 10 million a year. For example, AcBel Polytech Inc. and NTHU set up a joint R&D center to promote the development of Frontier technology and talent cultivation. As for the industry-academic assistance of NTHU teachers, CEO Lin is planning the NTHU GLORIA project translation plan. This plan aims to strengthen the cooperation between industry liaison experts and the R&D teams composed of potential professors of NTHU, especially young scholars. There are industry experts assigned exclusively for each case to strengthen the matchmaking between professors and enterprises, assist in talent training, help the R&D team members to integrate the university professors' R&D technology and ability of communication with enterprises so as to accelerate the technology commercialization. CEO Lin and his team have implemented the GLORIA project of the Ministry of Science and Technology since September 2017, and it has entered the second phase of the project. The first phase of the project focuses on improving the service quality of research-industry cooperation and technology transfer.

The second phase of the project starts in October 2020. CEO Lin integrates the R&D resources of NTHU, NCCU, FJCU, FCU, and TKU, establishes a five-school alliance platform, and adopts "centralization" and "decentralization" dual-track operation structure. In terms of "centralized" organization and operation, and set up a join office for patent and industry-academic collaboration promotion to gather and coordinate the industry-academic research capacity of the five schools, and actively invite domestic and international companies to carry out thematic, cross-field, cross-disciplinary, and cross-school collaboration to increase the corporate members, increase industry-academic collaboration membership fee income, collaboration cases and technology transfer cases, and expand platform service performance. In terms of "decentralized" organization operation, the platform is based on the operation mechanism and characteristics of each school to assist related industry upgrades and innovation and entrepreneurship.