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BeeCar is an intelligent programming car designed and developed by Tarkus innovations. With the software TarkusVP, programs is imported to achieve the realization and creation of various actions. In the most intuitive way, users who learn TarkusVP can instantly verify the graphic program they edited by the kits connected to main board. The BeeCar Basic Edition Kits includes main board, LED light, distance sensor, motor, Bluetooth module. Each module has a corresponding design course respectively.


Farmie is a muti-function plant, it not only an IoT smart plant, but also a teaching aids for educational use. Smart plant: A smart network that incorporates communication between various environmental sensors' inputs, ex: insolation duration, air humidity, and temperature, and outputs, using one or more central computing devices. Education: Students can use a flow-based visual programming software, TarkusVP, to customize their little farm and learn more about how IoT systems operate and how to coding.

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We design a specific user interface with the flow-chart methodology. The purpose of the software, named Tarkus VP, is to make the students easy to learn programming logic and basic concept of AI algorithms.
The software includes Chinese and English version, and it plays a role in connecting the learning stage between block-based visual programming and Advanced coding course.
Besides the software, our package of business model provides an educational total solution, including hardware, educational case, textbook, video, and handouts for teacher as well.

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