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MagicBox(Edge AI)

Why customers need to consider the system integration services? Because a convenient human-machine interface, totally integrated operation, can let this operation or service to continuous process. ZOTECH’s MagicBox, edge computing integration solution, can provide 4 types of fields service solutions. MagicNDT: Non-destructive testing, through the recognition of X-ray film information, provide digital operation services MagicEar: Through instant noise reduction, vocal separation, provide high-quality media/entertainment sound processing services, and inspect factory machine health status. MagicEye: Provide easily installation and setting, to identify visual recognition images, to provide application services such as safety care, surveillance alarm, occupational safety monitoring, etc. MagicData: Combined data by Smart IoT sensors to provide effective analysis and prediction services ZOTECH provides customer consulting services, to solve customers' pain points, and supply value-added AI system integration services to customers.

RS485/RS232 Wireless Mesh Converter(Z920K)'s photo

RS485/RS232 Wireless Mesh Converter(Z920K)

ZOTECH Z920K seamless track data collection and monitoring system, along with its sensing equipment, can easily and quickly deploy a wireless MESH network to handle complex cabling across different buildings and areas without the need for a computer to setup. This system offers the following benefits: 1.Shortens network deployment time to within one day. 2.Saves on annual rental fees for 4G network connections and SIM cards. 3.Eliminates the cost of wiring installation. The Z920K is designed with low power consumption, long-range, and high penetration capabilities, allowing it to self-organize into a multi-hop MESH network. It uses 920MHz radio frequency, which provides excellent anti-interference performance, making it the best option for long-distance wireless data transmission. The product also includes built-in tools to measure environmental noise, wireless signal strength (RSSI), and packet loss rate (PER), which help to quantify variations in the environment. The Z920K can be widely used in smart manufacturing, solar energy management, smart buildings, and all RS485-linked IoT applications.

Smart 4G LTE/5G IIoT Gateway (Z500)'s photo

Smart 4G LTE/5G IIoT Gateway (Z500)

Z500 achieves remote SCADA RTU application through 4G LTE/5G wireless network. It supports multiple interfaces including RS232/485/DI/DO, and can be connected to various sensors and MODBUS devices for remote RTU control, data collection, and management. It features Micro SD storage for data recording and configuration restoration, and has a wide voltage power supply and industrial-grade design for easy deployment in various IoT application scenarios. Features: - Dual SIM Card Slots - Micro SD Storage Card Slot - 1*RJ45 10/100(WAN or LAN) - VPN: IPsec\L2TP\PPTP\OpenVPN\GRE - 1*WiFi 11n 1T1R - 1*RS232 / 485 - 1*DI + 1*DO - Metal Housing, Wall Mount - DC Jack 9~36V - -30°C ~ 70°C - Made in Taiwan

Company Description

ZOTECH spun off from the Networking Product Division of Zero One Technology Co., Ltd. (a stock listed company), providing network products, related IoT products, then combining AI technology, to AIoT/Smart Edge, providing AI system software and hardware integration services on MagicBox AI series products and solutions, to cut into vertical fields such as smart medical care, smart manufacturing, and smart surveillance.

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