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NanoBridge Semiconductor, Inc.

Japan │ InnoVEX 2023  Q0824

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The features of NanoBridgeFPGA (NBFPGA) are (1) Maintains performance even at high temperatures, (2) Low power consumption, (3) Radiation resistance. The features of NanoBridge memory (NB Memory) are (1) Maintains the interlayer film thickness and can be formed in the wiring layer, (2) High-speed operation, (3) Resistant to radiation

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Company Description

NanoBridge Semiconductor, Inc., NBS, is based in Tsukuba, Japan. NBS owns more than 100 patents about a unique semiconductor technology, called NanoBridge. Applying the nanobridge technology to FPGA can reduce the chip area and reduce power consumption to 1/10. It eliminates SEU errors caused by radiation and maintains performance even at high temperatures.
With these features, we believe that it will be used in IOT devices, automobiles, and robots in the future. NBS closed 2021 with over $2.5 million in revenues. We aims to generate $50 million by 2026. To reach our goals, we need to collaborate with semiconductor foundries, faiblesses and FPGA end users in Taiwan.

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