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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can intelligently connect all the company's internal software processes, faster and easier. For example, both internal orders and shipments can use the intelligent software process robot RPA to instantly increase the automation ratio, allowing you to accept orders and ship shipments faster, and increase customer satisfaction and competitiveness. More importantly, it provides the indispensable key to seamlessly integrate with Industry 4.0. Special Features: -Non-intrusive: Remote Control & Monitoring (RCM) (Operate the machine tool) -Cross-Platform -AI-Computer Vision -Industrial Focus -Codeless -Low Cost Specification: - Offline and Online OCR - Desktop/Web (private cloud/server) version - Cross-platform (Windows/Mac/Linux) - Script Editor - Task Scheduler - Public API (RESTful/WebSocket)

Company Description

IsCoolLab developed a unique and patented image-based technology to provide a universal and cross-platform software solution (RPA-Robotic Process Automation) for industrial needs.
By using our solutions, valuable human resources can be relieved from tedious, repetitive, and monotonous works. Enterprises can create higher productivity while increasing competitiveness at the same time.
More significantly, we offer the key to connect enterprises with industry 4.0 seamlessly.

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