Cyber Security: A Modern Necessity

 2019-02-26 By: Elroy Yao

In October 2018, one of the first InnoVEX Editorials is on the necessity of cyber security as the world gets more connected. As governments around the world aim to achieve smart cities in the near future, the importance of cyber security has never been more prominent. Smart cities rely on a variety of devices & systems to operate; both to generate, store, analyze, extrapolate, and act on the generated data and they are not as secure as most people would like to believe. With even more electronic and electric devices installed in the city, the accuracy & security of the data is paramount and measures must be taken to ensure the devices, data, and systems’ security.

Secure Connection for Peace of Mind

One of the suggested ways to secure IoT devices is through securing the connection itself; controlling the data traffic and filtering any interference attempt. Measures such as firewalls have already existed, but often times are not enough to prevent cyber-attacks. Especially for IoT devices where multiple OS or protocols make an additional security measures difficult to implement; this secure connection is vital. New offered solutions to improve security include using AI-secured connections; such as the one offered by Thunder DNS which was an exhibitor in InnoVEX 2018 from US. This approach essentially adds another level of security to further reduce cyberattack probability and intensity.

Chain It Down

Smart cities rely on the citizens to be connected as many devices or systems that make the city smart require apps or other forms of digital input for them to function. On the device side, blockchain or blockchain-style connections can be used to improve the cyber security. The high level encryption added with multi-factor authentication can certainly benefit security on the user side. InnoVEX 2018 exhibitor from Taiwan, I.X used a blockchain style connection by using external wireless key and 3 way authentication. This added level of security should be able to ensure that the system can function for a long time with minimum issues.

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