Announcing the InnoVEX 2019 Pitch Contest Special Awards

 2019-03-26 By: InnoVEX Team

InnoVEX 2019 will be held in a new venue: TWTC Hall 1 from May 29 to 31. One of the mainstays of InnoVEX is the InnoVEX Pitch Contest which has been held since the first edition. Through the contest, startups can do more than showcase their products and solutions to the world; they can also get funding and investments from the presiding VC judges or investors from the attending audience.

The InnoVEX Pitch Contest will have more than the cash prize of USD 30,000. There will also be special prizes from Taiwania Capital and Linkou Startup Terrace with a total prize pool of USD 310,000; bringing the current total prize pool to USD 340,000.

Startup Terrace Sponsors USD 300,000 to Help Startups Grow; Both Domestic and International

To promote cooperation between global startups with Taiwanese companies; the Startup Terrace will sponsor 5 prizes with USD 60,000 each, a total of USD 300,000. Startups that won this special award will have to agree to join the Startup Terrace for one year and collaborate with a Taiwanese company before the end of their stationing. In addition to the USD 60,000 cash prize, the startups that win the Startup Terrace Award will also receive additional benefits; including one year free office in the Startup Terrace, subsidy on accommodation, entrepreneur visa, and more.

Taiwania Capital Innovation Award Focuses on IoT and Biomedical Startups

One of the special prizes for the InnoVEX Pitch Contest is Taiwania Capital. The Taiwania Capital Innovation Award will award USD 10,000 to one selected startup. The criteria for this award are for startups with innovative technologies and international competitiveness; especially IoT, biomedical related, or startups with promising technologies. Of course, this does not limit the entrants to only IoT and Biomedical related startups; other startups with promising technologies will also be considered.

Registration Opens until May 3

The InnoVEX Pitch Contest judge panel is comprised of global VCs from local and international firms. Through the Pitch Contest, the judges select startups that they believe are internationally competitive from a global perspective. InnoVEX continues to be more and more international; with up to 40% international pitch contestants in 2018. The winner of the InnoVEX Pitch Contest Grand Prize of 2018, Bioinspira stated that by joining the Pitch Contest; they gained recognition and credibility. In addition, startups can also show their innovation to the investors, partners, and a large number of potential customers through InnoVEX.

The registration for the InnoVEX Pitch Contest will be open until May 3 and will be conducted completely in English. All InnoVEX exhibitors established after January 1, 2014 are invited to join the Pitch Contest for an opportunity to get cash prizes, exposure, and investments. The Pitch Contest participation also gets more diverse, with 40% of the pitching startups coming from overseas.

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