Startup Terrace to Bring Startups and Special Prizes to InnoVEX 2019

 2019-05-21 By: InnoVEX Team

One of the sponsors for the InnoVEX Pitch Contest is Startup Terrace, an international startup campus under the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Situated in Linkou, New Taipei City; Startup Terrace is near Taoyuan International Airport and Taipei City Center. In addition, Startup Terrace is also near multiple resources vital to startups; such as offices, exhibition area, social lounge, maker lab, and more. Especially for startups in experimental education, the Startup Terrace is also near to a demonstration school for experimental education converted from Linkou Junior High School and Linkou Senior High School.

The areas around Startup Terrace are usable for innovation trials with pilot cooperation for 7 major fields: Smart Service, Smart Health, Sustainable Environment, Smart Life, Smart Office, Smart Facility, and Smart Mobility. In addition, startups can also network with the 78 global enterprise partners of Startup Terrace which includes Accelerators such as Startupbootcamp, PwC, Mighty Net, and more; as well as Institutions such as Institute for Information Industry (III), Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Taipei Tech, and more.

Startup Terrace has cooperated in InnoVEX 2018 by sponsoring the SMEA Startup Terrace Awards valued at USD 60,000 for 5 startups; the same value as the 2019 Startup Terrace Award. The award is only valid for startups that agree to be stationed in the Startup Terrace for 1 year and collaborate with Taiwanese enterprises before the end of stationing. One of the 5 Startup Terrace Award is the Startup Terrace-AWS Joint Innovation Center Award. This Award will be given to 1 team that uses AWS cloud service for their core product or service.

For more details on Startup Terrace, visit their website: