Leveraging ICT to Enhance Tourism in the InnoVEX Pi Stage

 2019-06-11 By: InnoVEX Team

Tourism Innovation & Tech Awards was held in the afternoon of May 31 in TWTC Hall 1 at the InnoVEX Pi Stage. The Minister of Transportation and Communication, Mr. Lin Chia-Lung, said this is the first time that new technologies and the tourism industry has been successfully combined; not only successfully hosting a competition but also allowing him to witness the rise of technology within the tourism industry.

After five months of competition time, 140 teams from 12 countries in the world went through the initial audition, a semifinal and the last finals Pitch. The top three teams were selected: First is 「Funliday Inc.」; a company that provides an itinerary and path planning app that can be edited and synchronized with its companions. The company has accumulated millions of users in building their own trips for planning reference. The second place was awarded to「Velodash+ Travel」which provides bicycle free-line real-time community matching, users can adjust their itinerary with the community members to increase the experience of deeper local experience; the third place「iMarts」 provides online multi-lingual audio navigation and AR/VR navigation content with online robots and real people. It allows users to learn more about Taiwan's local culture

The judges within this competition include Mr. Winston FC Shen, the CEO of Hotel Royal Group; Mr. Tim Chen, President of TMS Technologies Co., Ltd.; Ms. Lynn Pei-Chun Lin, Director of the Information Management Office, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communication (MOTC); as well as representatives from the tourism industry and media. The event was also attended by VIPs from the government: Mr. Lin Chia-Lung, the Minister of MOTC; as well as Mr. Yung-hui Chou, Director General of the Tourism Bureau, MOTC.

For more details, visit the Tourism Innovation & Tech Awards website: