aetherAI-a Taiwan Medical Tech Startup Set to Dominant the Field of AI-based Digital Medical Imaging

 2020-02-14 By: Louis Lu

Rapid globalization and technological revolutions is nothing new to us as human beings in the 21st century, “artificial intelligence (AI)”as one of the most discussed topic within recent years, has also made its move into the medical/ healthcare digital imaging market. According to an article published by HIT Consultant, the global digital pathology market was worth $689.2 million US$ in 2018. In which it’s also expected to grow at a rate of 11.7% each year between 2018 and 2026. More specifically, digital pathology allows capturing pathology information, such as whole slide images (WSI) converted into digital image by using a specialized canner sharing between a computer and mobile device. With the application of AI to digital pathology can serve as supplementary analysis or a verification tool in imaging analytics for pathologists and process more WSI in a shorter duration. Thus, how does a Taiwanese AI Medical Startup - aetherAI distinguish itself from other Medical AI development corporate giants? Can aetherAI continue its flourishes and dominance within this blue ocean market?

Founded in 2015, aetherAI is dedicated to providing solutions for digital pathology and AI-powered image analysis. aetherSlide, aetherAI's digital pathology system, is a web-based AI-powered image management system designed around pathologists' daily workflow and dedicated to improving efficiency and productivity. In addition, aetherAI has also developed a cancer screening model and prognosis prediction models using the platform that are ready for clinical trials. The mission of the company is to use state-of-the-art technology to elevate the standard of pathological diagnosis and improve the quality of care.

From Traditional Digital Medical Image to Artificial Intelligence

CEO & Co-Founder M.D. Joe Yeh stated during the interview that within the domestic market, aetherAI has already established business cooperation with Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, National Taiwan University Hospital, Cathay General Hospital, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, and Taipei Medical University Hospital. On an international level, aetherAI also works for Cedars-Sinai Medical Center of Los Angeles, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. In addition, M.D. Joe Yeh stated that aetherAI has set its 2020 international market goal on Japan and Singapore along with series A funding round for its international expansion. When discussing aetherAI’s business model with M.D. Yeh, as he stated that the majority cliental of aetherAI are still the pathology department of major hospitals, but aetherAI also provides consulting services to pharmaceuticals and biotech companies.

In addition to aetherAI, the current global market of AI medical image’s competitors includes Lunit, PathAI, Zebra, and Philips AI just to name a few. In comparison, the majority of these giant corporations started from its cooperation with specific medical institutions in order to developed AI medical image related tools; aetherAI has adopted an open attitude from the beginning and with physicians’ need in mind to cooperate with any potential strategic partners or institutions, together can create more possibilities, realize the ultimate value of digital medical images and elevate healthcare to the next level. Working at aetherAI not only allows you to utilize your knowledge and gain practical hands on experiences, M.D. Joe Yeh and his team also attend academic conferences and publish academic journals on a regular basis. According to M.D. Yeh himself, he and his team along with 3-4 medical doctors from various hospitals listed above are set to release its newest academic journal by the end of February this year.

Started from the clinical acquisition of specimens or imaging data of medical institutions, aetherAI now provides a complete set of digital pathology solutions. In addition to its original medical imaging network platform that allows doctors to quickly view, there are also specialized tool for pathologists or medical examiners to mark images of affected areas or lesions; in which aetherAI engineers built machine learning models and training through accumulated data, therefore critical information can be deployed and presented onto the original platform. AetherAI possess the capability to provide a complete one-stop service of artificial intelligence application in medical imaging.

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