Industry News: Taiwan Brings Tech Startups Together into Strengthen Disease Prevention Efforts

 2020-04-15 By: EET ASIA

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it has stimulated companies around the world to tackel this pandemic, in the hope to reduce the spread if not to put a stop to it.

Here in Taiwan, under the lead of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) sorted and organized the afiliated startups into a technology disease prevention team. TTA has also established a "Health for all" matchmkaing platform which is aided by BE Capital, connecting government departments, healthcare startups as well as medical facilities for disease prevention.

To mention a few:

1) ELECLEAN, launched the world’s first disinfectant spray using water as the only reagent.

2) Yallvend, swiftly set up smart surgical mask vending machines, integrated with facial recognition and blockchain systems.

3) iWEECARE, launched the world’s smallest smart thermometer that can take the temperature of multiple patients through temperature patch and cloud monitoring.

4) Heroic-Faith, developed the “AI-Powered Real-Time Auscultation Monitor” that incorporates cross-disciplinary integration technologies such as AI computing, so medical staff can remotely monitor lung sounds and respiratory signs without stethoscope and direct contact with patient.

5) Sil Radar Technology, developed a 24-hour radar system for remote detection of respiratory rate, heartbeat, temperature, and posture. It is the only complete “non-contact physiological” product on the market.

This article was extracted from: EET ASIA