BOVIA - Crimes beware! Crime-fighting just got upgraded by high-tech solutions!

 2020-04-22 By: Louis Lu

In recent years, crime methods have been constantly evolved, in which law enforcement sector have begun to utilize high-tech detection and prevention equipment as an aid to grasps the success of public security and the prevention of illegal parking, stolen vehicles, missing persons, or other criminal cases. With the implementation of technology enforcement,BOVIA, an unusual Taiwanese startup focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) technology solutions for action images on wearable devices and platforms plays a critical role across law enforcement and smart factory sector here within Taiwan and abroad.

BOVIA offers integrated high-end solutions with full technology stack for clients in public safety, retail and the industrial areas. From field devices, back-end and network solutions, client applications to video management system integrations for command and control rooms; in which BOVIA provide service in high quality, easy deployment and high operational reliability.

From cloud, wearable, head-mounted and mobile rapid deployment of intelligent video sensing systems are the main products of BOVIA, which can currently transmit 4G 1080P or 5G 4K High-resolution images also support the night vision function, which is widely used by the National Police Agency, National Security Bureau, Ministry of National Defense, National Fire Agency and other service needs.

During the interview, according to Mr. Kevin Yu (the Founder of BOVIA) stated that unlike generic fixed-point deployment equipment such as closed-circuit television network surveillance cameras, BOVIA’s wearable-series (W-Series) only needs batteries and no network cables to function and operate. HD images can be sent back to the back-end command center when law enforcement personnel within 5 minutes arrival onto the scene. The image delay of the device can also be compressed to 120ms, with BOVIA’s w-series devices; the response of law enforcement units to emergencies has increased by more than 60%. BOVIA also combines artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve real-time identification in 0.5 seconds by edge computing, and the response speed is ten times faster compared to the traditional identification method. Mr. Yu also stated that BOVIA’s products possess the highest transmission in real-time, best night vision ability, accuracy to help its clients to obtain effective information in harsh environments.

In addition, BOVIA’s solutions can also be used in factory inspections, large-scale companies such as Formosa Heavy Industries, CPC Corporation of Taiwan, Taiwan Semiconductor manufacturing Company (TSMC), and Taiwan High Speed Rail (HSR) just to name a few. Usually these industrial safety inspection and equipment repair response speed aren’t fast enough, therefore it greatly increase the probability of accidents, but through action-based real-time audio and video imaging, these companies can grasp the internal conditions and make the decisions accurately in real-time; it not only helps to improve the efficiency of inspections but also the safety of its employees.

Mr. Yu also stated that BOVIA as a spinoff of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) initially started with software and software licensing, but within these years, the company has begun possessing its hardware capabilities such as product design and planning. Solutions includes wearable, portable, rapid deployment, and apps that all supports 1080 resolution, night vision images under 4G LTE/ 5G network working with various large-scale heavy industrial companies and government bodies not just within Taiwan’s domestic soil but also across Asia-Pacific region and soon to enter into North America and Europe.

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