InnoVEX Pitch Contest Open for Registration Grand Prize of US$30,000 Will Be Awarded to the Winning Team


The Taipei Computer Association (TCA), organizer of COMPUTEX TAIPEI, stated that global tech startup event in Asia, InnoVEX 2017, will be held from May 30th to June 1st at the Taipei World Trade Center Hall 3 with “Discover Future from Asia- Create, Connect, Commercialize” as this year’s theme. Leveraging the 40,000 overseas buyers COMPUTEX attracts each year, TCA organizes “InnoVEX Pitch Contest” to encourage young entrepreneurs and domestic and international venture capitalists to connect with one another, build global networks, and expand business opportunities. In addition, the final winning team will also be given a grand price of US$30,000!

Contest Conducted in English Attracting Global Investors

To correspond to the ICT global market, InnoVEX Pitch Contest requires that products of the contestants must fall within the following 5 categories: Hardware and IoT, Consumer Tech, Health Tech & Bio, ECOM and Fintech, and Enterprise Software. The Pitch Contest is to be conducted in English, and the judging panel will consist of international and domestic venture capitalists, incubators, and accelerators. Since this is a contest designed exclusively for startups, contestants would have to be an InnoVEX 2017 exhibitor and established after January 1st, 2012. The contest will compose of three rounds: preliminary round, semifinal round, and final round. For Pitch Contest Regulations and Schedule, please visit InnoVEX’s official website

Gain More Exposure throughout the Pitch Process

TCA stated that InnoVEX Pitch Contest provides an excellent platform for startups to increase exposure among global investors. The semifinal and final round are conducted onstage during the exhibition, thereby expanding startups’ networks and connecting them to more business opportunities. Adms Chung, CEO and Co-founder of MoBagel, the winning team of the first Pitch Contest last year, asserted that Pitch was a very effective way for MoBagel to gain exposure. He said that InnoVEX organizer had successfully created an exciting atmosphere, making the Pitch Contest much more enjoyable, and that many exhibitors and investors approached their booth for more information after every Pitch.

InnoVEX 2017 Pitch Contest Schedule

(1) Registration: March 6 at 12:00 noon to April 28 at 24:00, 2017 (in Taiwan Standard Time).
(2) Preliminary Round: Teams will be selected based on document review. Results of the Preliminary Round will be announced on InnoVEX’s official website on May 19, 2017.
(3) Semifinal Round: May 31, 2017. Each startup will be allocated 6 minutes to pitch followed by 5 minutes of Q&A from the judging panel, totaling 11 minutes.
(4) Final Round: June 1, 2017. Each startup will be allocated 10 minutes to pitch followed by 5 minutes of Q&A from the judging panel, totaling 15 minutes.
Please visit InnoVEX’s official website for Pitch Contest Regulations.