InnoVEX Online Demo: Leads Top Innovators in Taiwan to Flex Their Muscles

 2020-07-08 By: InnoVEX Team

TAITRA invited five startups companies to introduced their solutions in multiple areas. Firstly, WISELONG CARE developed the AccuFitness app, which is possible to provide an accurate 3D full-body analysis report, body composition chart, nutrition assistance, and health management of the user. Then, iWEECARE presented their Temp Pal solution to help parents to monitor their kid’s body temperature. It is highly for pregnant women and caregivers due to its lightweight and low monitoring loadings. Furthermore, ALL ASPECT SYSTEM (AAS) proposed infrastructure inspection UAV with high resolution and quantification images for inspectors to modify the environment, such as water pollution. Besides that, AI0 Enhanced Safety of prescription (AESOP) introduced a solution for medication errors called MED GUARD Radar Report to consult the hospital directors and administration department on the prescription report. Lastly, DAPP POCKET presented its new app Cappuu, the most convenient way to buy and earn Stablecoin through credit cards with low-interest rates. These solutions above can improve people’s welfare and connect Taiwan’s technology innovation to worldwide-market in the near future.

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