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 2020-12-08 By: InnoVEX Team

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Machine Learning and Blockchain not only launched the development of technology but also bring convenience to our daily life using various forms. According to the statistics in “Internet of Things(IoT)connected devices installed base worldwide from 2015-2025 Research”( Statista, global data platform, 2016) there will be 26 billion connected devices worldwide in 2020, with related revenue of US$300 billion. The combination of the AI and IoT applications are extensive and far-reaching, which has a huge impact on various aspects such as smart city-related business, manufacturing industry, or OEM industry, etc. around the world and brings market opportunities to smarter monitoring products and markets.

Under the premise of continuous technological progress, are the growing technologies enabling our future while ensuring information security? How does AI deep learning make Big Data collection more efficient? With major developments on the horizon, which kind of roles are surveillance, tracking, and prevention, playing from an industrial, urban, or even a broader perspective?

Maintain the balance between overseeing and proactive prevention to keep away from dispute has always been an issue, while surveillance technologies are being used beyond the law enforcement system. Yet, Beseye Cloud Security , a company from Taiwan, has found the solution to successfully flip their role and create a new image.

From Tracking to Prevention - Guarding for Future

In the report of Gartner, a global research and advisory firm, expected to see 20 billion internet-connected things by 2020. “The IoT will have a great impact on the economy by transforming many enterprises into digital businesses and facilitating new business models, improving efficiency and increasing employee and customer engagement”, in the meantime, around 70% of enterprises will adopt IoT products in the end of 2020.

Founded in 2013, Beseye has already hopped on the trend of this technology. Their major service includes Turnkey Solutions and Open Platform Services, with applied technologies such as human detection, facial recognition, and posture analysis. By importing AI deep learning and IoT into the core software: It allows Beseye’s customers to upload live image and videos to Cloud platform. With the data stored in the cloud and using Beseye’s independent development system: Skeleton-Print Technology, the camera could therefore distinguish the difference between human and objects with the support of the inference engine, the system could provide prevention of further risks instantly. For example, Tokyu Railways , a Japanese railways company which is famous for their subway system in Tokyo, chose Beseye’s systems to increase the safety rate of their factories and reduce the possibilities of passengers’ accidents because when someone has broken into the prohibited tracks, the system will automatically notify the Control Centre immediately. Especially when it is in remote areas, the application will take advantage of the insufficient staff, and becomes a safety line of a railroad crossing in 40 seconds. In general, the fence would release 40 seconds before passing of the train, to prevent accidents. Related applied operation in the early era may offer an environment to observe onsite activity on time, while Beseye could not only provide automatic alarm indication but also multiple solutions for optimization and safety.

However, with the advent of the Industry 4.0, which is first appeared in Hanover Industrial Fair, shows not just that younger factories that need smart applications; Traditional manufacturing and industrial practices are also ongoing automation by using modern technology and increase its value via smart manufacturing. By utilizing the 4000 feature points and posture analysis, Beseye helps industries that rely heavily on manpower to determine whether there is a potential work-safety accident going to happen shortly. Furthermore, with the analysis technology, it is applicable to detect human & behavior, and feature recognition. For example, Beseye’s posture analysis and behavior detecting technology assist JFE Steel Corporation (Japan) to create a better workplace, the users could not only observe dynamic information with postures analytic system, also verify if the employees are using correct postures to operate machines with a behavior detecting system. The solution can help JFE to reduce risks, and to progress with inheritance experience.

What makes Beseye professional - Enabling the new height

Marketing Sales Director of Beseye, Olya, said that “In addition to prevention, Beseye intends to understand every need of each client. Beseye formulates different formats (video records, filming angle, quantity, etc.) based on the client’s requirements such as improving accuracy, increasing production efficiency. Instead of responding yes/no to the inputs, it can develop its own cognitive system and generate more complicated outcomes. This development benefits various industries tremendously”.

Other than the application of manufacture or factory scenario, Beseye also has rich experience in retail, transportation, long-term care, home aspects. There are 90% of industry focus on face recognition in the market, such as mobile phone unlocking with static applying technology, while Beseye dedicated to making use of motion to process deeper behavior analysis. The team commits to improving recognition accuracy and is capable to respond to challenges: meanwhile when the Covid-19 pandemic happened during early 2020, Beseye combined existing technologies such as posture analysis, business intelligence to support retailers or a national concert hall to do flow control, people counting and mask-wearing precisely – effectively solves the problem of users and comforts the public to a certain extent shortly.

Compare to the customary pattern of related development, Beseye has launched an advanced level of hot spot analysis for retail clients. Thus, by putting relatively information together, it is traceable for customer preferences via the quantity of touching products, gender, and different age group as categories. The technology has already being implemented by Chunghwa Telecom & Far EasTone Telecommunications , famous consumer electronic products retailers, use Beseye’s system to upgrade their brick-and-mortar, not only safer but also smarter. During the interview, Olya also shared that AI machine learning is not only important as a tool but also interesting and as a tutor. Based on the collected big data, it replaces the traditional method of human judgment from a new perspective and replaces subjectiveness with objectiveness. The system is neutral and will detect details that are usually overlooked, by integrating with deeper marketing investigations, the result and reasons usually flip old ideas – According to Beseye, some of the users even come up with new business strategies to boost their sales volume.

Keep your management, Take care of what is Important

The CEO (Mr. Shaq) drives the whole company with one core view: “AI technology shouldn’t just open to industrial units, but a technology everyone could easily afford, and a tool to provide a quality living environment for people.” While information technology continues to develop, advanced technologies such as AI, Big Data, AIOT are growing rapidly as well. Actively cultivate via seeking opportunities to develop in different fields, Beseye is expecting to be one of the pioneers of image analysis- via breaking through the limitation of distance and angle, and can identify the features and movement of the human body about 30-50 meters away from the camera- the flexible establishment of various human behavior models plus applying core technology is ready to change manufacturing, retail, home monitoring, transportation or even medical industry.

Beseye is currently planning for cross-industry cooperation with sport-tech. In the future, it is expected to expand the business scope. While taking into account the development of long-term caring, banking protection, and guarding security for ATMs are also the must step for the next milestone. AIOT makes traditional monitoring equipment smarter and more automatic. Seeing the needs of the industry from the foundation and keeps an eye on details so we could drive the future by ensuring privacy and protection.

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