Brighten your Future: MEGA 1, A Solid Dream Builder in Optical Ecosystem

 2021-05-07 By: Michael

The different dimensions of Startup
The birth rate of Startup Unicorn has increased 353.1% from 2013 to 2018 (, 2021) as more and more ventures and organizations have noticed the possibilities of startups. Hence, what type of startups will draw investors’ attention? A startup with strong characteristics and potentials might be an option.

The value of the optical and photonics market is expected to reach USD 1208.72 billion by 2026 (, 2020), yet it requires strong technological capabilities to face the challenges of the industry: remain high optical quality and miniaturization, which might be difficult for many startups. (Toralf Scharf,, 2018). MEGA 1, a startup that remains the spirits of startups and disrupts the questions and doubts may have the answer.

Exploring the possibilities with solid & competitive solutions
MEGA 1 has strong competencies in optical related technologies: the LBS(Laser Beam Scanning), MEMS(Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems), and AR Glasses. In particular, their iconic capability is: In-house one-to-one automatic production line.

They understand that discovering their own value is necessary, thus they start to explore more possibilities, and provide solutions for many industries. First of all, recognizing the main issue of wearable and AR devices: bulky and heavy. Thus MEGA 1 stay focused on developing miniaturized optoelectronic devices such as optical engine (OE), a revolutionary ultra-compact LBS engine that can definitely decrease the weight of AR products, provide better user-friendly experience.

Secondly, they collaborate with researching teams in Japan, which have 30 years and more experience in the industry. The integration enhanced their capability, they use LCoS OE (Liquid Crystal on Silicon Optical Engine), which has higher brightness and resolution, can be implemented into professional applications such as hi-end medical purposes and heads-up display for the automotive industry. To ensure the exclusivity of the domain know-how, they build in-house developed production equipment and make it into an automation end-to-end production line.

Time to explore the markets and shaping the future
Spinning off from the big name in Mechatronics Systems Engineering business and an Opto-Mechatronics service provider, the energetic company is equipped with resources and technical supports which is translated into a great advantage in this competitive market. For the go-to-market plan, the company stands on the cooperation model of “Advanced research and development in Japan while high-yield production in Taiwan”.

Their major customers are B2B currently. Since the technologies and market of 5G and IoT have become mature (, 2020), the company explores business opportunities such as electronic vehicles, medical/healthcare applications, and rocket tech. Their vision is to commodify the LBS with the market, also to become a solutions and products provider.

(Photo 2: The model of MEGA ONE’s products & solutions – AR LBS Glasses)

The ideal business partners in the future will be the ones who have the capabilities to produce B2C products, such as telecom companies and solution providers in Japan. They will not just position themselves as an AR technology company. They will explore the business opportunities of the trends in the future. For example, the applications and needs of health and medical fields are rising due to the Covid-19. Likewise, many big names in the automotive industry have launched their blueprint of electronic vehicles.

The business culture: Lighten up the ecosystem of the industry
MEGA 1 is dedicated to develop their unique value. They are making conscious efforts on building solid values of the business. In the future, they are looking forward to having partners, which may not only willing to fund or invests and capable to develop products, but also, most importantly, willing to build a mutually beneficial relationship and discover the true values of a variety of innovative businesses. Now they become a founding member of LaSAR, which is formed to facilitate the development, availability, and support of all key technology elements for rapid AR-enabled smart-glass application creation, adoption, and volume production (David Manners,, 2020).

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