SecuX, the Guardian of your digital assets

 2021-05-28 By: Michael

The New Era Of Cryptocurrency Has Begin
Start it from the spirit of startups, the cryptocurrency industry creates a brand new standard for trading & currency with the revolutionary idea - blockchain, a specific database in which data were chained together in chronological order. A blockchain may also contain much information; the most common one is the transaction. (LUKE CONWAY,, Nov. 17, 2020)

Based on the booming of blockchain, more and more cryptocurrencies have been created. According to the latest updates, there are over 10,000 different types of cryptocurrencies and can be divided into two categories: Coins and Altcoins Tokens (non-Bitcoin cryptocurrencies) (, Jan.5, 2021). We can tell the current condition of the industry has become unpredictable. For reasons, the users start to consider more reliable ways to protect and secure their assets.

The Opportunities For Rule Breakers With Veterans' Abilities
Similar to the origin of the cryptocurrency, this is the moment for new rule-breakers to establish new standards. SecuX, a startup that is assembled by experienced professionals is ready to demonstrate its revolutionary ideas.

As a startup, SecuX has many advantages which make them special. Founded in 2018, the original members of the company come from a variety of territories in the technology industry such as engineering, cybersecurity, and fin-tech. With professional experiences, SecuX starts to develop its products and platforms, and its visionary goal is to build a stable ecosystem.

First of all, they play to their strengths of hardware manufacturing, develop hardware wallet product lines. The most revolutionary idea of the products is, they changed the traditional design principles of wallets for cyber currencies, using the design spirit of consuming electronics & products, create a brand new product line. From the design of their first model, SecuX W20, we can tell it already solve the issues of related products by other manufactures, miniaturizes the size, and decreases the weights. And their latest model - SecuX V20, shows a remarkable evolution. With vault-grade security standards, implementing German-made secure element chips brings more protection to the users. Also, the design of the wallets is based on users friendly spirit: bigger screen and multi-platforms supported, has received the Best Cross-Platform Crypto Hardware Wallet award by CV Magazine, a famous British media.

(Photo 1: SecuX V20 product)

Secondly, based on their professional knowledge of cryptocurrencies, SecuX understands the there are lots of currencies on the market and are hard to manage for the users. They organized, integrated, and separated the wheat from the chaff, focused on the types of coins and altcoins tokens that are more close to the original currencies. Another impressive progression of SecuX’s works is the integration of two important factors of cryptocurrencies: Public Key and Private Key. The two factors are the key to trading, related to the trust of the entire community. On the previous models on the market, the UI and other designs seldom considering the actual user and easy to cause errors, which may lead to the costs of assets. SecuX’s designs of UI and platform are based on user experiences, such as the crypto ledgers and the platform, only connected to the internet when it's necessary, reduce the risks and make the transactions much safer.

For reasons, we can tell SecuX's development is more than the regular startups, their ability of integration, professional knowledge of both hardware and software, and of course, the visionary insights of the trends help them to stay competitive in the cryptocurrency industry.

Exchanging Insights Of The Values & Future Market
According to the analytics, public agencies are starting to establish new regulations to manage cryptocurrency, which will definitely bring changes to the industry. (Brian D. Feinstein and Kevin Werbach, The Regulatory Review, 2020). Being a Startup and with the spirit of innovation, SecuX mentioned its expectations to the industry. The core values of SecuX are Innovative Technology, Security, Professional, and Trust, those are the reasons why they will not position themselves as only a Taiwan startup, their major markets are in Europe and the United States currently. SecuX stays optimistic about the future of the industry because they believe it takes time for the government and the industry to understand the values of each other, and the regulations will not bring many negative effects to the industry since the feedbacks from the markets are positive. Currently, they are looking for the partners such as exchange service providers and merchandises, which understand both the cryptocurrency industry and business activities. The development of their Stream Crypto Payment Terminal device shows the blueprint of the plan. Also, an A-round capital investor will be the ideal one. Just like the cryptocurrency, with trust and professional knowledge, SecuX believes they will have a bright future with their partners.

(Photo 2: SecuX Stream Crypto Payment Terminal)

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