InnoVEX FORUM will be launched online on June 3

 2021-05-19 By: InnoVEX Team

TCA (Taipei Computer Association), co-organizer of COMPUTEX, expressed that InnoVEX in early June together with COMPUTEX every year. Due to the border control caused by the pandemic this year (2021), it will be presented as InnoVEX Online, an online exhibition. The annual InnoVEX FORUM will be launched on June 3 as scheduled. Many international renowned venture capital firms, accelerators, & high-tech companies, including Ceres Capital, Mesh Ventures, StarFab Accelerator, Tohmatsu Venture, BE Accelerator, Qualcomm, Trend Micro, are going to share their views on business opportunities in the post-pandemic era, focusing on digital transformation, 5G innovation, AI, healthcare and cyber security applications with local and international start-up teams via the internet or onsite.

The demand and capital flow of start-up businesses in the post-pandemic era
Venture capital firms give talks on future business opportunities in the post-pandemic era

TCA pointed out that due to COVID-19's impacts on global economics, the opening forum of InnoVEX FORUM has invited famous venture capital firms and accelerators such as Mesh Ventures, Ceres Capital and StarFab Accelerator to share and discuss from the perspective of VC with the topic "Sets the Tone, Moving Forward!" The speakers are invited to point out what are the areas of innovation will become business opportunities for start-up in the post-pandemic era.

As the pandemic affects the economic environment, the capital flow start-up business is undergoing change. TCA has invited Tohmatsu Venture, a famous Japanese entrepreneurial support organization to present a talk on "The Key factors to become a growth startup in the 2020s." It is going to analyze the new styles and strategies of successful entrepreneurs since 2020 and the change of the society's concern on the area and capital flow in the post-pandemic era. For start-up teams worldwide, it will be very helpful because the change of capital resulting from the pandemic will change the past classic models in successful start-up cases.

5G innovation and AI applications will be everywhere
Start-up teams getting onto the 5G trends will have the new trade opportunities in digital transformation

5G and AI will be the major trends in the new era. Therefore, TCA has invited Qualcomm and start-up teams from Qualcomm Innovate in Taiwan Challenge (QITC) , including DataYoo, Nestech, QT Medical, RelaJet, Smart Tag, YALLVEND, to share their views on business opportunities in the new 5G era and AI applications services on the topics, "Digital Transformation Ignited by 5G Innovation" and "Making AI Ubiquitous".

First, Mr. S.T. Liew, Qualcomm Vice President and President of Qualcomm Taiwan and South East Asia, will deliver a talk on "Qualcomm Empowering Taiwan's Startups in the 5G Era". Foreseeing global trends, he is going to talk about how Qualcomm helps Taiwan to boost the competitiveness in innovation targeting to bridge the global arena. Then, Sudeepto Roy, VP, Engineering, Qualcomm Incorporated and Lead of Regional Strategy and Engagement for Qualcomm Technology Licensing (QTL), will deliver a talk on "Innovations that Create Opportunities In Taiwan and Beyond", to share successful cases of incubating Taiwan's startup teams in launching into the market by examining the technological support and patent strategy from the perspective of global innovation ecosystems.

In the future world driven by 5G, AI algorithm has become the core technology of innovation and R&D! In this occasion, with the theme of "Making AI Ubiquitous", brilliant teams exceled Qualcomm Innovate in the Taiwan Challenge (QITC), including DataYoo, RelaJet and Smart Tag, are invited to present how they apply AI in agricultural risk management, improving the lives of the hearing impaired and driving smart manufacturing.

5G driven innovation will make the global economic output of $13.1 trillion in 2035. It is obvious that 5G will be an important technology in future economic behaviors. Therefore, in the agenda of "Digital Transformation Ignited by 5G Innovation" Qualcomm, Nestech, QT Medical, YALLVEND are invited to share their projects, such as disaster prediction, remote healthcare, retail business models and other practical cases.

Healthcare and Cyber Security Service will become the major trend of innovative business opportunities for startups
Healthcare and cyber security are the major items of development by leading high-tech industry. They are also focus of governments' attention in many countries. To allow startup businesses to understand how to engage business opportunities in related industries and how to use related resources to accelerate the teams' growth, TCA is going to host the forums on the blue ocean of biotech and cyber security in collaboration with Startup Terrace. Startup Terrace was established to encourage Taiwan's startup teams to connect with the global network and promote international exchange on startups. It provides offices, accommodation, common workspace, display space, and other facilities. In addition, it invites international accelerators and incubators to reside in the terrace.

In the agenda of "Healthcare Startups Unties the Knot", BE Accelerator, OSD from Korea, and IRegained from Canada are going to explore the global healthcare trend from the perspective of biomedical technology and possible strategy for startup teams in developing healthcare services and its future business opportunities.

For startup businesses, cyber security is an extremely popular domain for startup. Therefore, in the agenda of "Keeping the Good Stuff in, Bad Things Out!" Trend Micro, Wedge Networks from Canada and Chelpis are invited to discuss the domains for information security service and modes for rapid profit making.

The collaboration of the industry, academia, and research help Taiwan's industry upgrade
Taiwan's startup ecosystem accelerates the growth of startups

Taiwan's academia has long been a major R&D force of technology. To allow the industry to understand more about the capacity of Taiwan's academia in R&D, At the agenda of "Technology Leads the Way, Bringing the Industry to New Height", TCA has invited NTHU, NCKU and NSYSU to share how to integrate the demands of industry into their academic research aiming at leading the industry to a higher altitude. TCA has also invited eYs3D to share their experiences in the semiconductor industry and collaborate with startup teams at the theme of "Recharging the Semiconductor Industry with Startups."

To allow local and international venture capital and startup teams to understand the oulook of Taiwan's startup ecosystem, TCA has invited Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER) to share 2021 startup clusters, conditions of investment and the features of startup ecosystem at the theme of "Taiwan Startup Ecosystem: Hubs and Investments". Likewise, startup teams, Taiwan's semiconductor industry, and startup clusters can collaborate to accelerate the development of startup teams, achieving success in an earlier time.

InnoVEX FORUM will be launched on June 3. We welcome local and international industry, professionals, startup businesses and VC businesses to pre-register online so that they can watch the online forums on time!

Agenda of InnoVEX FORUM 2021: