Into the Digital Agriculture World With Datayoo

 2021-09-01 By: InnoVEX Team

One of the three prizes of the InnoVEX 2021 Pitch Contest was the Qualcomm Innovation Award. Valued at USD5,000; the award focuses on startups with innovative technologies and international competitiveness, and those in AI & Big Data, AR/VR/XR, 5G & IoT application and other promising technologies. One of the winners of this prestigious award is DataYoo, a Taiwan based startup that focuses on utilizing AI, edge computing, and IoT to solve pain points in agriculture and farming. In the Final Pitch of InnoVEX 2021, DataYoo was represented by their Project Leader, Scott Chen.

DataYoo was founded by Shaw Wu with the mission to use data science to transform agriculture industries and bring real industrial transformation; to make it a more technologically competitive industry. Currently their main products are the EdgeMAN prediction system and the AG Inteller.

Mr. Wu had some experience working with agriculture-based companies, aiming to help them improve their operational production & harvest yields. From that experience, he realized he could make significant improvements in agriculture production and from there improve the businesses of the farmers with his knowledge and expertise in data science. He then formed his own company to pursue this idea more thoroughly.

The EdgeMAN prediction system is the World's 1st Crop Algorithm Edge Computing Technology based on the Qualcomm Robotics RB3; aggregating data collected from IoT devices installed in the users' farms to create a prediction model of harvest time and quality. The system then provides actionable suggestions such as the optimum harvest time for the farmers. The farmers will then receive the suggestions via their LINEbot AG Inteller. "EdgeMAN is designed for places with poor connectivity, but still able to use data and algorithms to self-learn based on the environment."

In an interview, Mr. Wu said their new solutions also include a global commodity pricing tracker to make sure the farmers sell their products at the best time. "We have a whole system that offers the data for crop harvest time and analysis of prizing for the crops both nationally and internationally to help buyers know the best time to buy in or sell. This system combined with the EdgeMAN offers a stable crop volume to the farmers and buyers as to when they can buy and sell."

In the InnoVEX 2021 Pitch Contest , DataYoo won the Qualcomm Innovation Award. They previously joined the Qualcomm Innovate in Taiwan Challenge (QITC) in 2020. Mr. Wu shared, “We joined QITC last year and unfortunately we did not come in first to third places, so this time winning the Qualcomm Innovation Award is a good reward. I'm glad that Qualcomm is recognizing our effort in the agriculture fields.

When asked to compare InnoVEX with the other events he had joined, Mr. Wu remarked, “Our experience is more in the academic based pitch events. On the other hand, the InnoVEX Pitch Contest focuses on the business model and development of new skills. After all, InnoVEX is a global event that focuses on business solutions and potential markets.”