Innovation Leads New Digital Life Trends

 2022-11-25 By: Elroy Yao

Digital technology today has become a ubiquitous part of daily lives; with a great majority of us never being an arm's reach away from an electronic device. Whether it's smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, etc.; the separation between the physical and the digital continue to be blurred and pushed to the limits. At the same time, this trend also becomes a rather contentious issue as some see it as a wonderful advancement of both technology and human ingenuity; while others see it as an encroachment of personal space in both the physical and digital aspects.

Regardless of how one would view this ongoing transformation, it is both here to stay and will only continue. Many new emerging technologies today rely on existing human-machine interfaces as well as various communications networks. Take for example how the metaverse relies on VR and is enhanced with 5G communications to provide faster, seamless, and higher quality imaging. However, many of these emerging technologies still have limitations that need to be addressed. Focusing on the metaverse example; the unwieldy hardware commonly associated with VR means innovation across the board is highly necessary. Take for example Motion Gestures that provides cutting edge camera-based hand tracking and gesture recognition software for enabling sophisticated user interaction with any product; removing the need for additional hardware.

Despite the advances in technology, it is important to remember that the old mindset of “build now and find a market for it later” is no longer valid. If a company cannot convince their users that the offered product or service is necessary, they would have wasted all of their time for R&D and in some cases might actually turn their reputation (as well as anyone associated with them) for the worse. In this regard, the best solution is always "find a problem and solve it". For example, edutech today essentially utilizes new and emerging technologies and applies them for educational purposes; ranging from traditional scholastic subjects such as languages, mathematics, and history, all the way to physical education or arts.

With such a broad range of possible applications, the key differentiator will be how to make sure the tutor or program can deliver the lessons effectively to the learners while promoting information retention and understanding. Startups such as the winner of InnoVEX 2022 Pitch Contest Grand Prize winner, Swipecool that combines physical education with art; offering online dance lessons utilizing AI recognition to provide learners a more accurate comparison and pinpoint areas to improve.

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