TCA 50周年特別展位慶祝活動 TCA is celebrating 50th anniversary at InnoVEX and COMPUTEX

 2024-05-09 By: Taipei Computer Association


Celebrate 50 Years of Innovation with TCA!! Win a Free Flight Ticket at the TCA50 Booth!  See details below.

【TCA50 展位位置】
 • InnoVEX 南港展覽館2館4F展位#S1002
 • COMPUTEX 南港展覽館1館1F展位 #I0307

【TCA50 機票抽獎活動】

【TCA50 展位限定活動介紹】
1. InnoVEX 南港展覽館2館4F展位#S1002活動:
 • 網美牆合影留念即可獲得限量紀念品一份
 • 每日12:00-12:30Happy Hour邀您一同來慶生
 • 現場AI智能客服限定數位同框留下珍貴畫面
 • AI智能雙向翻譯服務提供超過50國語言服務
 • TCA會員加碼
   i. 全球頂尖人才招募機購Robert Walters,提供免費為企業人才招募諮詢服務 搶先預約
   ii. FB/Google/LINE認證夥伴”快點行銷” 提供行銷諮詢服務,搶先預約

2. COMPUTEX 南港展覽館1館1F展位 #I0307活動:
 • 網美牆合影留念即可獲得限量紀念品一份


TCA celebrates 50 years! Visit and participate the special booth event for a chance to win a round-trip air ticket!  
【TCA50 Booth Locations】
 • InnoVEX 4F, Hall 2, Booth #S1002 Activities
 • COMPUTEX: Hall 1, 1st Floor, Booth #I0307

【TCA50 Raffle】
 Participate in the "Know TCA, Love TCA" interactive game at either booth to enter for a chance to win a round-trip airline ticket to any destination (valued at NT$20,000))!

【TCA50 Booth Special Events】
 1. InnoVEX 4F, Hall 2, Booth #S1002 Activities:
  • Capture a selfie at our photo wall, share it publicly to receive a limited-edition souvenir.
  • Join our Happy Hour event from 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM daily for a limited supply of Cascara beverages and international snacks.
  • Engage with our AI-powered customer service and take a commemorative photo with the limited frame. Enjoy our multilingual AI translation services from over 50 countries.
  • Exclusive for Members only
   ◦ Extra coffee giveaway for TCA members participating in the photo-sharing activity.
   ◦ Additional chance to win a bottle of TCA50 commemorative whiskey.
   ◦ Free consultation with our on-site consultants (limited slots available daily, reservation required).
    i. Robert Walters, the world's leading specialist professional recruitment consultancy, offers tailored talent solutions for businesses. Book a free hiring consultancy session now: Book consultant
    ii. FB/Google/LINE certified Agility will offer on-site marketing consultation services. Please reserve for the consulting June 4-6 from 11:30-16:30 Book consultant

2. COMPUTEX 1F, Hall 1,  Booth #I0307
 • Capture a selfie at our photo wall, share it publicly to receive a limited-edition souvenir.

Thank you for joining our amazing journey! Together, we create a better digital era.  

贊助廠商列表 Sponsors list:
FamilyMart 全家便利商店 
Robert Walters Taiwan 
Barking Dog 愛吠的狗 
Ubestream 環球睿視 
Agility 快點行銷 
Kiara 咖啡果肉 
Snacklips 歪國零食嘴

*All participants are deemed to agree to the following matters and the organizer’s activity regulations.
The organizer reserves the final right to amend, suspend, terminate or explain this event at any time (including but not limited to the final decision on changing events, terminating in advance or extending the time of the event), and the announcement on this event website shall prevail.
1. 【TCA50 機票抽獎活動】每人限參與一次,主辦單位針對參加者身份將進行辨識,並保有抽獎資格最終解釋權利。機票等值台幣2萬元整,依中華民國稅法規定,獎項超過新台幣1,001元(含)者須申報所得填寫扣繳憑單;超過20,010元(含)以上,得獎人須交付價值10%之稅金,且該稅金將由本公司代收。 外籍人士(居住未滿183天)不論中獎金額,須就中獎金額代扣20%機會中獎稅,繳完稅及相關資料後始能領取獎品。
2. 現場網美牆合影留念需於個人社群公開分享並標註 TCA/COMPUTEX/InnoVEX/BC Award即可獲得限量紀念品一份,若有未完成項目將無法提供贈品。
3. 每日 Happy Hour點心飲品將限量提供,歡迎儘早到場享用。
4. TCA50紀念酒品抽獎資格需為TCA會員廠商,現場請提供統編以進行身份查驗。
5. 顧問諮詢服務每日限額儘請及早預約。
Activity Details:
TCA50 Raffle: Each person is limited to one entry. The organizer will verify the identity of the participants and reserves the final right to interpret the raffle eligibility. Airfare equivalent to NT$20,000: According to the Republic of China Tax Law, prizes exceeding NT$1,001 (inclusive) must be declared as income and a withholding receipt must be filled out. For prizes exceeding NT$20,010 (inclusive), the winner must pay 10% of the value in taxes, which will be withheld by the company. Foreign nationals (residing less than 183 days) must withhold 20% chance-winning tax on the prize amount regardless of the winning amount. Prizes can only be claimed after paying taxes and providing relevant documents.
Photo Sharing at the On-site Photo Wall: Take a photo with the on-site photo wall and share it publicly on your personal social media with the hashtags TCA/COMPUTEX/InnoVEX/BC Award to receive a limited-edition souvenir. If any items are not completed, the gift will not be provided.
Happy Hour Snacks and Drinks: Daily Happy Hour snacks and drinks will be available in limited quantities. Please come early to enjoy them.
TCA50 Commemorative Wine Raffle: To be eligible for the commemorative wine raffle, you must be a TCA member company. Please provide your tax number on-site for identity verification.
Consulting Services: Consulting services are limited daily. Please make an appointment as soon as possible.