2024 Pitch Judge

Wilson Khoo

Wilson Khoo

Director, Head of APAC Excluding Mainland China
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Wilson, a dynamic executive at Continental who led strategic projects in smart cities, Operations and Open innovation. As an ambassador for innovation partnerships, he expanded collaborations with startups in APAC and launchs co-pace APAC in 2020. As Director of co-pace, Wilson played a vital role in its formal establishment in the region. Wilson holds an extensive education in engineering, computing and innovation and had several innovation and advisory roles in his career. Outside work, he mentors startups and volunteers as a career coach.

Continental AG, co-pace GmbH

Continental AG, founded in 1871, is a leading automotive manufacturer known for innovative mobility solutions. Based in Hanover, Germany, it specializes in tire production, automotive parts, and systems. With a global presence, Continental prioritizes safety, sustainability, and cutting-edge research. Its diverse portfolio ranges from electronic components to autonomous driving technologies, shaping the future of mobility.