2024 Pitch Judge

Ronald Wu

Ronald Wu

Executive Assistant to Chairman
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Expert of Intelligent Transportation - Over 40 years of Experience in Fields of Transportation & System Engineering - Project Leader of D-City : 5G Intelligent Transportation Experimental Field - Planning & Designing of Freeway Electronic Toll Collection System - Promotion of Internet of Vehicle (IOV) & Smart City Related Projects - Planning & Designing of Traffic Control & Management System Engineering - Research and Development of Contactless IC Smart Card Electrotonic Payment system - Senior Consultant of System Management

HwaCom Systems Inc.

HwaCom Systems Inc. was established in 1994 with the core brand concept of "HwaCom Systems - Ace for Any" The company is committed to providing products and services in four major areas: information and communication technology, digital media, smart applications, and cybersecurity. Looking ahead, as the market trends towards the diversification of the Internet of Things (IoT), information and communication technology, big data, AI, and the 5G mobile market, HwaCom Systems is gradually transforming into an integrated services company focused on innovative network applications. This transformation is aimed at meeting customer demands and establishing core value in the evolving landscape.