2023 speaker

Wilson Khoo

Wilson Khoo

Director, Head of co-pace APAC excluding Mainland China Continental AG
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Wilson is a dynamic and results-driven executive who joined Continental in 2018 as a consultant with Continental Business Consulting (CBC). During his time at CBC, Wilson successfully led several strategic projects focused on smart city initiatives, productivity improvement, and open innovation. He also served as an advisor to senior management in new business areas.

In 2019, Wilson was promoted to Venture Lead, where he successfully identified and pursued collaborative opportunities with startups and SMEs in Singapore and helped to bring new technologies and business models across borders. His outstanding work led to the launch of co-pace operations in Singapore in 2020, where Wilson served as Associate Director. In 2021, Wilson was promoted to Director and Head of co-pace APAC (excluding Mainland China) and played an integral role in the formal establishment of co-pace in Singapore.

Before joining Continental, Wilson worked as an Associate at Origgin, a deep tech venture co-creation firm, where he was responsible for project management, business building, and venturing.

Wilson holds a Diploma in Chemical Engineering and an Additional Diploma in Software Applications from Singapore Polytechnic. He also holds a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), specializing in Systems Engineering and minoring in Business. In addition, Wilson earned a Master of Science in Systems Engineering and Project Management from NTU, and a Master of Computing, specializing in Information Systems, from the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Outside of work, Wilson is passionate about entrepreneurship and has completed several courses in business ventures. He also enjoys mentoring startups and early-stage entrepreneurs and volunteers as a career coach for aspiring students. In his free time, Wilson loves to travel and has gained rich and diverse experiences living in different countries.