Virtual Treatment, Real Effect

 2019-01-16 By: Elroy Yao

VR as a technology has seen some dramatic improvements over the years. Not just the hardware, VR contents and uses as a solution has also diversified into multiple purposes. Capitalizing on its function as a means of visualization, VR can be used to show information in novel and certainly unexpected ways, but what makes this so different to TV monitors or LCD projectors? Let's discuss some possibilities where it might excel: relaxation and rehabilitation.

Enjoy the World Indoors

While many people would certainly like to take a trip for vacation or relaxation; modern responsibilities often prevent them from doing so, not to mention the logistics and costs of going on such trips. For the constantly occupied, a chance to breakaway might be a precious, not to mention sparse commodity that they cannot afford. For the disenfranchised or those without the means to travel, it is probably the next best alternative. While XR cannot be a complete replacement of the real thing, it can certainly help people to de-stress and unwind.

One of the main benefits of XR as a tourism option is that it has no limits; a trip to the cold mountains or warm sandy beaches is as easy as a button click and can be done in an instant; although the smell or temperature cannot be replicated yet. One of the InnoVEX 2018 exhibitors, Adventrip developed XR products to serve as a combination of nature trip and guided tour; making for an easy and convenient relaxing vacation all from the comfort of the user's home.

Digital Medicine for the Brain

Many medications, therapies, and other forms of treatments are available for treating mental health conditions; some of them come with unwanted side effects, allergic/ adverse reactions, or might be ineffective to those who need them the most. One option that was quite recently explored is VR therapy; which an exhibitor of InnoVEX 2018, Realiteer is active in. Their software creates an opportunity for patients to relax through a series of exercises to reduce their stress. Other forms of this therapy are even used to treat more severe mental health conditions such as PTSD. VR offers a more immersive form of visualization that users might be more in-tune with their virtual avatars. While it has not reached maturity yet, current developments certainly show that it offers more than just escapism and can be utilized in healthcare as well.

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