InnoVEX ONLINE Returns in June 2021, Joined by Over 350 Exhibitors and 24 Pavilions

 2021-05-31 By: InnoVEX Team

As multiple restrictions are enacted to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, it is impossible to hold physical events that gather people in close proximity. However, this does not inhibit the progress of innovation and business investments. As one of the co-organizers of InnoVEX, Taipei Computer Association (TCA) announced that following governmental regulations and epidemic counter measures, InnoVEX 2021 will be held digitally in the form of InnoVEX ONLINE.

Even in this pandemic era, startups will continue to look for business opportunities and VCs will not stop looking for investment opportunities. InnoVEX ONLINE 2021 will host over 350 exhibitors from around the world and 24 pavilions. The exhibitors' industries include: AI, Healthcare, XR, Cybersecurity, IoT, and more.

As Asia's Benchmark Startup Exhibition, InnoVEX continues to grow and expand. This year, the InnoVEX Forum 2021 will begin on June 3rd with speakers from VCs, industry leaders, and more. The InnoVEX Pitch contest will also feature prizes totaling near USD 40,000 in cash prizes, investments, and more. This shows that while society at large is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, startups around the world would not stop their expansion efforts and their search for business opportunities.

InnoVEX FORUM to begin on June 3rd with Talks on 5G, Healthcare, and Cyber Security Opportunities in a Post-Pandemic Era
Focusing on the global investment trends, the InnoVEX Forum will begin on June 3rd with an opening panel discussion. The InnoVEX Forum will feature speakers from well-known VC firms and accelerators such as Mesh Ventures, Ceres Capital, StarFab Accelerator, Tohmatsu Venture, and more. The speakers will share how investment strategies change due to digital transformation and the ongoing pandemic; both of which will create new business opportunities in the future.

Currently, the main trends of digital transformation are 5G and AI. One of the speakers for the topic of 5G is ST Liew, Vice President and President of Qualcomm Taiwan and South East Asia whose keynote speech will cover "Qualcomm Empowering Taiwan's Startups in the 5G Era".

In addition; Sudeepto Roy, the VP of Engineering in Qualcomm Incorporated and Lead of Regional Strategy and Engagement for QTL will give a talk on his experience in incubating Taiwan's startups to enter the market by providing technical support and patent strategies from the perspective of the global startup and innovation ecosystem.
The panel discussion will include examples from 6 startups from different industries to share how startups can understand and leverage the 5G trends and developments; as well as understanding the relevant and profitable business models for the future with AI.

With an aging global population as well as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic; there is a shortage of medical talents. This also means that there can be a business opportunity here. Together with the Startup Terrace, TCA invited David Yeh, Principal of BE Accelerator as well as healthcare startups from Canada and South Korea teams who will analyze the opportunities for startups to branch out into the healthcare industry.

As working from home and remote working becomes the norm because of the COVID pandemic, cybersecurity becomes a concern and a hot topic. TCA cooperated with the Startup Terrace and invited speakers who will discuss cybersecurity in the forum. One of the speakers for the topic is Bob Hung, the Taiwan & Hong Kong General Manager of Trend Micro Incorporated. Mr. Hung will join a panel of cybersecurity startups in a panel discussion and share his insights on the new business opportunities in cybersecurity created by the remote work trend.

Focusing on AI, Healthcare, XR, Cybersecurity, and IoT; InnoVEX Online will be Joined by over 350 Startups and 24 Pavilions
TCA announced that this year's InnoVEX ONLINE will feature 24 pavilions and 350 startup teams from the start of June. The overseas exhibiting teams come from more than 17 countries and regions including: Brazil, Japan, Israel, Hungary, India, France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Slovakia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Austria, Singapore, and Germany.

The pavilions of InnoVEX ONLINE 2021 will include 5 national pavilions organized by: The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Slingshot Philippines, the Hungarian Trade Office, Brazil Space, and SAPPORO. Government pavilions will include: the AI NEXT Pavilion, AI Startups Pilot Project, IAPS - Access to Taiwan Program (A2T), Taiwan Accelerator Plus, Startup Terrace, FCCI ASIA Innovation Pavilion, TYC Startup Pavilion, IAPS - HYPE GVA Taiwan (HYPE SPIN), and more.

4 accelerator pavilions will also join InnoVEX Online; including: BE Accelerator, Starfab Accelerator, TAIRA ( Taiwan AI Robotics Accelerator ), and Flytech x StarFab Accelerator. In addition there will also be pavilions organized by: FutureWard, GLORIA, New Taipei City-Amazon AWS Joint Innovation Center, Taipei Exchange, Center for Industry-Academia Collaboration (CIAC), and more.

InnoVEX ONLINE 2021 will also feature many innovative startups from around the world in many different technologies. The startups featured will include MEGA1 with their ultra compact, light weight, and low power consumption LBS OE for AR that can be utilized in the development of wearable devices; MedFluid and their product fAST that provides rapid detection of infectious diseases and personalized antibiotic screening; Beseye and the Skeleton-Print Technology that analyzes human demographics and behavior for safety analysis and customer demographics at factories, retail stores, hospitals, banks, transport stations, and homes; YALLVEND will showcase their upgrade solution to the traditional vending machine which will include e-payment features and inventory systems; CHELPIS with the SecID the a 2FA identity authentication card where the private key is stored securely in a secure chip (Secure Element) with CC EAL6+ certification; and SecuX who will bring their SecuX V20, W20, and W10 crypto hardware wallet which can be used to manage the users' cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Binance Coin, XLM, and more.

TCA stated that InnoVEX ONLINE 2021 will feature a diverse lineup of startups in every pavilion; including AI, 5G, IoT, healthcare, advanced materials, cloud services, smart manufacturing, biotech, smart retail, fintech, smart transportation, smart agriculture, and more. The exhibitors this year will cover a wide variety of industries and are sure to provide solutions for any digital transformation needs or investment opportunities for the industry. CVCs and potential partners can visit InnoVEX ONLINE for inquiries.

InnoVEX 2021 Pitch to Feature Prizes Valued Nearly USD 40,000
TCA announced that InnoVEX Pitch 2021 will be held online. The prize for the winners this year will be worth close to USD 40,000 in total, which consists of a USD 20,000 Grand Prize (including USD 10,000 investment by Taiwania Capital, 1 standard booth in InnoVEX 2022, and promotion & interview package); 2 Qualcomm Innovation Awards worth USD 5,000 each, and the Japan Finder Special Award worth JPY 1 million.

The judges for the InnoVEX Pitch 2021 will include judges from Plug and Play, Mountain Pacific Venture, Mosaic Venture Lab, Techstars Investment, Trans-Pacific Technology Fund, Qualcomm, Taiwania Capital Management Company, Orion Venture Partners, Ceres Capital, BE Health Ventures, Cherubic Venture, WKI, Hive Venture, Mesh Ventures, and more. All the judges from accelerators and corporate venture capitals can definitely help startups to develop their business in the international market.

TCA stated that startups interested in joining the InnoVEX Pitch must first complete their registration as an online exhibitor to InnoVEX 2021 to qualify for the contest. Every startup from Taiwan and around the world are welcome to join the Pitch Contest while registration is available.