Registration for InnoVEX 2021 Pitch Contest Ends Soon, Joined Equally by Taiwanese and Overseas Startups

 2021-06-24 By: InnoVEX Team

As one of the organizers of Asia’s benchmark startup exhibition, Taipei Computer Association (TCA) stated that in order to help startups overcome geographic limitations; gain exposure; and match with international VCs, accelerators, and corporate VCs; InnoVEX 2021 Pitch Contest will be held online. Approximately half of the registered participants of the InnoVEX 2021 Pitch Contest are from international countries and regions, including Israel, Brazil and more. The diverse lineup has shown once again the unifying influence of InnoVEX in the startup & innovation field.

Startups who are interested in joining the InnoVEX 2021 Pitch Contest will need to complete their registration before July 2nd. Teams who wish to join must also be an InnoVEX ONLINE 2021 exhibitor to be eligible for free registration for the Pitch Contest.

Startups to Focus on Future Trends: 5G & IoT, Enterprise Software, Healthcare and Biotech
TCA reported that based on the 2021 registration data, the 3 large categories of startups’ projects are in 5G & IoT, Enterprise Software, and Healthcare & Biotech. These are also the future trends where startups focus their businesses as well as projects. The categories are not only relevant to the startups’ development strategy, but it can also help the teams carry out cross-industry cooperation with major companies to expand their business scope.

InnoVEX Pitch Contest to Feature a Diverse Lineup with More than 50% International Startups
TCA stated that as an international startup event, the international representation in the InnoVEX 2021 Pitch Contest is a vital aspect. This year the judges for the Pitch Contest will include VCs from Plug and Play, Mountain Pacific Venture, Mosaic Venture Lab, Techstars Investment, Trans-Pacific Technology Fund, Qualcomm, Taiwania Capital Management Company, Orion Venture Partners, Ceres Capital, BE Health Ventures, Cherubic Venture, WKI, Hive Venture, Mesh Ventures, and more. All of the judges are VCs and representatives from accelerators and corporate venture capitals who can definitely help startups to develop their businesses in the international market.

The InnoVEX 2021 Pitch Contest is an international event for startups and has attracted a great number of international startups to join the event. This year, there will be teams from Israel, Brazil, France, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Luxembourg, the Philippines, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Japan. More than 50% of the joining teams are from international countries and regions, giving the event an internationally diverse lineup.

Teams who are interested in the InnoVEX 2021 Pitch Contest are encouraged to complete their registration as soon as possible as the registration period will end on July 2nd(GMT+8). TCA would also like to use this opportunity to remind the participants that the InnoVEX 2021 Pitch Contest is a free event for InnoVEX ONLINE 2021 exhibitors only. Startups must first complete their registration to InnoVEX ONLINE 2021 prior to registering for the InnoVEX 2021 Pitch Contest.

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