Covering the Cloud Blindspot

 2021-10-26 By: Elroy Yao

The amount of data generated continues to grow every day as more devices and people are connected to the internet. Looking at 2020 as reference, on average every person created 1.7MB of data at every second and in total 2.5 quintillion bytes (2.5 x 1018 bytes) every day. One of the major sources of the generated data is IoT devices that McKinsey estimated grew by 127 units every second in 2020. According to Accenture, this rapid growth will inevitably create issues of latency, bandwidth, and security; with edge computing being the suggested & preferable solution.

As companies move away from using cloud to the edge, users might not have the resources or desire for the migration. Certain applications; especially remote work functions are also inseparable from the cloud and a more efficient cloud solution is preferable rather than having to rebuild a solution from scratch. Cloud computing and storage offer multiple access points that can be exploited by criminals or malicious agents. Whether to unlawfully access or manipulate data, disturb operations, or any other nefarious purposes. Unfortunately, security or certain aspects of threats might be overlooked, leaving the user with less than optimal protection.

HigherCloud offers all in one cloud solution including product sales, strategy advisory, and cloud architecting as well as providing services for cloud migrations and technical support. Their cloud services range from customized cloud solution plans targeting AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, and Alibaba; as well as project specific architecture design to maintain stable service when products are released. Their services also include multiple aspects of security, including anti-DDOS, Game Shield architecture, as well as application-layer attacks.

Smart and connected machines are now more common in the manufacturing floor as companies aim to minimize loss, increase quality, and reduce down time as much as possible. The systems often have IoT devices installed fulfilling multiple functions such as warning, documentation, maintenance, etc. As a result, the amount of generated data will increase, but whether the data is useful will be a different question altogether as a majority of IoT and other machine generated data are never analyzed.

QualityLine focuses on manufacturing analytics technology that automatically integrates, interprets and analyses manufacturing data to optimize quality and efficiency in manufacturing. Their solutions offer global end to end control for companies and collects manufacturing data from multiple locations in real time and analyses the gathered data. The analyzed data is delivered in an interactive manufacturing analytics dashboard system to support decision making at different stages of the entire manufacturing process and improves product quality.

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