How Systems Improve Sustenance

 2021-12-07 By: Elroy Yao

The Malthusian ory of economy posits that food grows at a linear rate while the population grows exponentially. Eventually, this disproportionate growth rate will cause food shortage among the population as there are more people than there is food to feed them with. There are some criticisms to this theory as 18th century theory failed to take into account multiple factors such as international trade, modernization of farming practices, and more.

Now at least 1 of the mentioned mitigating practices are at a risk of disturbance due to the COVID pandemic as international trade is delayed or even halted altogether; making farming modernization more important than ever. The methods might have changed as technological innovation became more widely adopted, the improvement on the harvest might not close the gap in the demand.

Aquaculture is also an industry that will benefit from technological improvements as breeding animals can be equally or more difficult or complicated compared to farming. As such a more comprehensive monitoring technology is needed to make a meaningful improvement on the farm. One such solution is Hyson's FarmABetterFish Aquaculture Auto-System that utilizes AI and IoT to manage fish farms as well as allowing farmers to check the fishes’ growth and health at any given moment. It uses embedded AI computers to collect and process data which will then be used to automatically judge the control of operational equipment. The system also supports multiple species of fishes including grouper, tilapia, etc. Perhaps one of the most important features of the system is the Adaptable AI Image Processing which will clear up the video feed of submerged cameras to make it clearer for the human eye without the need for additional expensive hardware.

Another example seen in InnoVEX 2021 is DataYoo, a Taiwan based data startup that combines Big Data, IoT, and AI. The startup has seen success in several farms; increasing the production quantity and quality of multiple types of crops. Their solutions now work for 120 different types of crops with more to be added along the way. Combining crop physiological models with AI machine learning, DataYoo created the World's 1st Crop Algorithm Edge Computing Technology called EdgeMAN. The system is used to create a prediction model which will then be sent to the farmers via the messaging app LINE through their AG Inteller LINE bot. That way farmers can receive actionable suggestions from their mobile devices. Their application of IoT and Big Data helped them win the Qualcomm Innovation Award in the InnoVEX 2021 Pitch Contest.

Learn more about Hyson, DataYoo, and more InnoVEX ONLINE exhibitors here.

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