5 Best Cities To Start It UP In The World

 2022-03-10 By: Michael

There are many perspectives to consider when analyzing businesses or industries. The most basic metrics are growth, business opportunities, or market scales, and other traditional criteria. Yet if we take it broadly, other factors which are related to operating businesses such as business environments, regulations, and economics are equally important. As an industry with infinite potential, startups need to catch up to the transformation of the startup ecosystem in the world, which has already become an irreversible trend. There are many rankings and reports made by reputable organizations such as StartupBlink that can help people understand the global startup ecosystem better. This week, we will share 5 cities that are worth following and a special recommendation with different perspectives based on our professional analysis.

1. San Francisco

There is no doubt that San Francisco is on the list. With the foundation of Silicon Valley and big names in the technology industry, the city has been considered as the mecca of technology. Education also helps the developments of San Francisco. According to CollegeCalc, there are already 50 colleges & universities in the bay area, and the innovative ideas from campus, research, and labs assist the developments of the San Francisco startup ecosystem. In this city, the most popular topics/ industries for startups include eCommerce, energy, retail, and education. There are 5389 active startups in the city and the growth rate is quite optimistic.

2. New York City

As the old saying goes: “New York, New York, big city of dreams.”, business opportunities in the city are larger than commonly imagined. According to statista, the GDP of New York City has reached 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars in 2020. The most popular industries for startups here are food tech, fintech, and healthcare; which reveals that New Yorkers are generally looking for a better quality of life. Needless to say, the world-famous financial institutions are also gathered in the Big Apple. The listed factors have given New York City an environment that is full of resources, with successful acquisitions and a series of financing telling great prospects for the startup ecosystem.

3. Los Angeles

Los Angeles is considered one of the recent fastest growing startup ecosystems. Based on the report by dot.LA, there are approximately 3,800 startups supported by famous VCs in the city. With the foundation of entertainment and media industries, Los Angeles is an ideal place for eCommerce, marketing, and social startups. Moreover, the living habits of the residents such as trading and creativities help Los Angeles nurture amazing sceneries for both blockchain and VR startups ecosystems.

4. London

Being one of the most historical and iconic cities of Europe, the startup ecosystem in London has demonstrated a strong connection between the government and the community. In professional startup media StartupJedi's opinion, the Greater London Authority offers several programs for crowd-funding and co-investment to support the local startups. There are also many famous accelerators and hubs for startups to reach their ideal partners. Based on the energy of the collaboration of both the government and the startup ecosystem, London is an ideal city for marketing, sales, and fintech startup.

5. Taipei City

As the capital of the global technology island, Taiwan; Taipei City is surrounded by international ICT companies such as TSMC, Foxconn, Asus, and many more. The stable foundation provides energy for the local startup ecosystem to grow and find partners for cooperation or M&A. According to the international startup ecosystem ranking by StartupBlink, Taiwan is ranked 30th globally and 7th in the Asia-Pacific region. With strong technology backgrounds, the connection between Taipei and Silicon Valley also attracts many startups in Asia to visit. The business opportunities in hardware & IoT, marketing, and their related applications are popular for startups to discover in Taipei City. The future of the startup ecosystem in Taipei City is worth following up with many new developments to look forward to.

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