3 Improvements Startup-Built AI can Offer

 2022-03-28 By: Elroy Yao

AI has been an ongoing trend for a few years with businesses in different sectors, segments, and industries all showing great interest in it. As a technology, AI offers great flexibility that few others provide; making it applicable in many different industries, sectors, and segments. Combined with the agility and flexibility of startups, the technology offers virtually unlimited possibilities.

In this edition of the InnoVEX Editorial, we discuss AI applications in 3 different fields that were pursued by InnoVEX exhibitors as well as how they can improve users' operations.

1. Improving Physical Security

AI improvements have now allowed for AI usage in physical security and access control. With masks still being mandatory in many places, a manual check will not only be time & resource consuming, it will also be less accurate. Security measures today will also have to be combined with several technologies and applications such as pandemic prevention or face detection to ensure people follow the rules set in place.

IronYun provides customers with real-time AI vision analytics platform for the management of safety and physical security. Their Vaidio video surveillance software platform can be deployed across thousands of cameras to find objects and patterns for automating social health screenings and people counting to facial recognition and license plate recognition.

2. Better Content Marketing

AI in marketing covers more than curating content and showing it to the most likely customers. AI today can also be used to help create content in a more meaningful and impactful ways such as by simplifying content generation or customizing content for customer education.

GliaStudio of Taiwan uses a different approach by summarizing text with their natural language algorithm to produce suitable scripts, and automatically insert relevant image or video clips. The result is then rearranged with computer vision to prepare a ready-to-use video.

3. Fast Industrial Deployment

As it takes time, resource, and manpower to build a dedicated AI model; no-code AI might be an alternative for users without the technical expertise. They might not be tailor made to a specific purpose, but the ease of use, quick deployment, and low cost might be more attractive for businesses.

Chimes AI's Tukey is a no-code AI construction and management platform for smart factories. Users can build their own personalized AI for various purposes both in production, operation, even ESG. The applications range from energy saving, production improvement, equipment monitoring, inventory management, and more.

For factories that use robotics on the production floor, Augmentus of Singapore offers a no-code and fully-integrated robot programming platform. With it, non-technical users can program industrial robots through an intuitive graphical interface that eliminates the need for coding and CAD files in robot teaching.


AI can be used in nearly every industry imaginable for various purposes. Despite the numerous use cases; AI applications today seem to focus on fulfilling gaps that humans inevitably have and augment people's capabilities to optimize operational output, efficiency, etc. As AI development is a highly technical skill, users might not necessarily have the expertise to develop their own. In addition, the nature of AI itself will mean that different teams will focus on a specific aspect or application that few if any other team will have a hand in. At the moment, AI cannot be relied upon to be a decision maker, but they should be usable as a decision-making support system and help users figure out what they need or what they need to do. If you don't know where to look for your AI vendor, why not start from InnoVEX ONLINE? Good luck out there.

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