STARTUPS & SPORTS TECHS: Move Up In New Generation

 2022-08-05 By: Michael

Technology has changed various aspects of human lives from our lifestyle to the way we work and exercise. Sports today have become more than just a recreational hobby, but multibillion-dollar industry that generates value not only from the business and health side; but also, the innovation side.

While the global sports industry market shrunk due to COVID-19, the market has since recovered and according to GlobalNewswire ; the value might reach USD $501.43 billion in 2022. This large market combined with the diverse needs and functions needed within the industry makes it an interesting market for startups to enter and introduce their innovations.

Virtual Training to Compete Better

Hi-tech training is a common occurrence in sports; but the technologies and devices in use must also evolve to the needs of the athletes as well as collecting their performance data. One of the technologies that can achieve this is virtual reality (VR) which can help simulate wide open spaces for sports that require them without requiring the training space or the wait for favorable weather. For example, the Virtual Reality Archery Competition Image Training System developed by National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering allows users to practice their archery in a realistic setting from the comfort of their living room. With 360° video footage recorded in real competitions, 3D competitor models, and realistic ambient sound; the solution can help coaches analyze the athlete's physical and psychological in the simulated competition.

Move Better with Motion Detection

Improving in sports rely on repetition; not only to train the athlete's motion, but also their musculature and to make sure that the movements can come naturally and instinctively. Startups today integrated different technologies to achieve this; including wearable devices, motion detection, AI, and more.

One of the startups aiming to help athletes in their motion is Swipecool; an online dance learning and coaching solution. By integrating AI with motion detection and an online platform, users can adjust their movements according to the teachers in greater detail. Swipecool is the winner of the InnoVEX 2022 Pitch Contest Grand Prize. Check out their Pitch here.

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