Taiwan Startup Interview - Hsun Wealth Technology

 2023-07-25 By: Taipei Computer Association

Dedicated to assisting clients from ideation to realization, Hsun Wealth Technology boasts abundant technical capabilities and collaboration resources with various IC manufacturers such as Realtek, MediaTek, and NXP. Offering one-stop services ranging from prototype production, small-scale sampling, to mass production and delivery, they successfully help clients transform ideas into mass-producible products.

As a startup, Hsun Wealth Technology possesses rich expertise and experience in customized smart products, home automation, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), peripheral equipment (DC control boards, mobile phones, computers), and automotive accessories. They can provide comprehensive advice and assistance to many early-stage startup companies.

Hsun Wealth Technology stated that many startup teams have novel ideas but often face exorbitant development costs and lengthy development times due to unfamiliarity with development technologies. This can lead to startups running out of funds in the early stages and missing out on good business opportunities. Such circumstances often result in the premature demise of many promising ideas, which is regrettable.

They recounted a case in which their client had successfully completed their crowdfunding goals and received funds. However, the aforementioned client found themselves in a predicament during the expected mass production of prototypes. They discovered that some IC components selected during the initial design phase had been discontinued and due to insufficient production quantities, there were discrepancies in factory prices, posing challenges to mass production. With the professional assistance of Hsun Wealth Technology, they not only achieved the goal of small-scale production development but also realized the dream of product mass production. "More importantly, we have nurtured a potential future star."

"The future trend points to the development of the IoT industry, which means effectively integrating various big data and application data will be even more important," President Mark Wu of Hsun Wealth Technology pointed out, emphasizing the need for reliable sensors and receivers to collect data and achieve unrestricted data transmission. To achieve this goal, Hsun Wealth Technology provides corresponding products, services, and technologies to meet market demands. They are also committed to developing advanced sensor technologies to make data collection and transmission more efficient and convenient. Additionally, they offer development boards that assist you in swiftly realizing product development, aiding clients in succeeding in the IoT field and achieving their business goals.

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