Taiwanese Startup Interview - TranX AI Data Platform: Transform, Innovate, and Drive New Growth

 2023-07-27 By: Taipei Computer Association

TranX, with its extensive experience in software construction and AI data analysis system design, has assembled software architects from top US tech companies and AI startups. From innovative experimental projects to large-scale software development for hundreds of millions of users, it provides corporate AI data solutions, driving corporate innovation and promoting new growth. By using AI + data, it effectively helps companies solve core problems, improve yield and productivity, and save labor and time costs.

TranX states that many companies have not yet discovered the potential of their data because most companies' data are usually scattered and disconnected, and most data have not yet been digitized, digitalized or organized. However, in today's rapidly changing market, AI + data can help companies respond quickly and set company goals and directions based on data science. "TranX AI data platform (hereinafter referred to as the X-Platform) is a platform that allows companies to start understanding the power of their data."

The X-Platform provides data digitization, data cross-platform integration, data visualization and data analysis. It can connect points through organization and piecing together scattered data, thereby understanding the company's operations and business. Using AI for real-time monitoring and analysis, you can grasp the situation at any time, analyze the growth bottlenecks of the company, understand potential problems or opportunities in advance, and take action immediately. Driving with data brings unprecedented changes.

As an open AI as a Service platform, the X-Platform offers high cost-performance solutions. Companies can immediately use it by registering via email, referring to the platform usage document, digitizing data, integrating and aggregating data, and starting to monitor and analyze their business or operation. TranX also offers a total solution, from understanding corporate problems, extracting and collecting data, deploying platform analysis and setting goals, monitoring growth progress, to creating new growth.

"TranX hopes to use AI to discover the potential of data and assist companies in digital transformation through data." TranX points out that to fully drive the company with data, it needs to change the company culture and get employees accustomed to digitizing data to promote cooperation and communication efficiency between team departments. The company can then use data to develop strategies, optimize company resources and maximize company growth. TranX expects to establish long-term strategic cooperation with companies and become a partner through this."

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