Taiwanese Startup Interview - WordBranch, triple your English vocabulary size in three days

 2023-07-31 By: Taipei Computer Association

The founder of WordBranch, Lance Tsai, has combined his own experience of studying and teaching GRE/TOEFL into a free APP for learners and also a website for instructors. By the second quarter of 2023, the app is being used in more than 150 countries and by 300,000 users worldwide through word of mouth.

"The most important aspect of developing English learning tools is cross-disciplinary communication. Lance Tsai, who spans both engineering and English teaching, said that sometimes engineers' painstaking designs fail to deliver real teaching results, while English teachers' desired features are not realized. WordBranch's learning functions are tailored according to WordBranch's unique teaching method, and then continuously tested, used, modified, and adjusted by a team of more than 100 teachers every day, and then implemented and adjusted by the tech team, and then the teacher team again to give feedback of hand-on experiences, and so on, to become an ever-improving learning system.

Lance Tsai pointed out that WordBranch's website, APP, teacher training program, card games and books are deployed to learn the same core ideas. The emergence of ChatGPT is expected to bring changes to the existing learning models. In the future, WordBranch will focus on incorporating AI's strengths to improve WordBranch’s services.

Learn more of WordBranch on InnoVEX Online.