Taiwan StartUp Interview - Saviah Technologies

 2024-02-29 By: 台北市電腦公會

Saviah Technologies Inc. was founded in 2021 by Professor Jyh-Cheng Chen from National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University and provides Saviah 5G core network software.

5G core network serves as the brain of 5G mobile communication networks, playing a crucial role in enabling innovative applications such as AI, 8K high-definition video transmission, AR/VR, and C-V2X vehicle networks, improving enterprise operational efficiency and accelerating digital transformation.

The core team at Saviah released free5GC in 2019, which was the world's first open-source 5G core network. It was developed according to the 3GPP R15 international standard which effectively addressed the lack of core networks in Taiwan's 5G mobile communication network industry development, making it an indispensable key technology for the country's 5G ecosystem development and the promotion of private 5G networks.

Investors recognize the benefits brought by Saviah's 5G technology advantages to the industry and are optimistic about the gradual development of the global private 5G network market. In March 2023, Saviah successfully completed its Series A funding, raising nearly NTD 100 million New Taiwan Dollars (approximately USD 3.2 million) and establishing an office in Taipei to serve more cooperation partners.

Saviah has commercialized free5GC and developed its own 5G core network software, "Saviah 5GC," which offers enhanced functionality, performance, and reliability.

Compared to competing products, Saviah offers several advantages such as supporting open interface, providing flexible integration of software and hardware, and offering agile development and customized services.

It supports various private 5G network scenarios such as smart factories, smart healthcare, and smart entertainment. Saviah has also collaborated with CTOne to develop 5G security solutions to strengthen end-to-end security protection for private 5G networks. Saviah 5GC has now been adopted by multiple partners such as Alpha Network, Askey, Compal, Pegatron, Supermicro, etc., to develop their end-to-end private 5G network solutions, providing reliable, secure, and cost-effective 5G networks to end customers.

This close technical collaboration not only optimizes the performance of the end-to-end solution but also strengthens the reliability of the communication system.

Saviah offers products including Saviah 5GC-On Premises(on-premises edition) and Saviah 5GC-Cloud(cloud edition), catering to the diverse deployment needs of enterprise 5G private networks.

Currently, Saviah has partnered with numerous renowned system vendors, system integrators, telecom operators, and application service providers both domestically and internationally.

Saviah 5GC’s performance has been proven in many private 5G network projects, from POS to POB. The deployment of applications which powered by Saviah 5GC includes multiple smart factories, the 5G MR Drone Racing at Kaohsiung Yawan eSports Arena, simulated wards in the Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, the Kaohsiung Yawan Smart Port, VR industrial training sites, among others.

Furthermore, Saviah is at the forefront of developing the 3GPP R16/ R17 international standard, including “Network Slicing” and “Time-Sensitive-Networking”, ensuring that its products and technology maintain a competitive edge.

With the rise of AI applications, Saviah believes that the adoption of 5G+AIoT will flourish, encouraging more enterprises to establish 5G private networks for digital transformation. This trend is expected to drive the global 5G private network market and propel the operational growth of Saviah 5GC.

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