InnoVEX 2024 Introduces Participating International Startups and Pavilions

 2024-05-14 By: InnoVEX Team

As one of the organizers of InnoVEX 2024, Taipei Computer Association (TCA) stated that InnoVEX 2024 will be joined by 400 startups from over 30 countries and regions, including: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, France, Japan, Indonesia, India and more. In addition to joining as an independent exhibitor, there will also be 22 pavilions organized by various accelerators, government agencies, etc.; including: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Small and Medium Enterprise and Startup Administration (SMESA), National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU), Garage+, and other accelerators and incubation centers.

SMESA Startup Innovation Pavilion Gathers Innovative Startups from Around the World

Organized by the Small and Medium Enterprise and Startup Administration (SMESA), the Startup Innovation will feature startups from around the world. The startups will showcase innovations in ESG, smart healthcare, smart life, smart manufacturing, and future intelligence fields from A2T, Startup Terrace Linkou, Startup Terrace Kaohsiung, Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park Incubation Center, and TAcc+.

The startups joining the Startup Innovation Pavilion include:
  • QuantumDiamonds GmbH (QD) from Germany was founded in November 2022 by Kevin Berghoff, Dr. Kristina Liu, and Dr. Fleming Bruckmaier to revolutionize the sensor industry. By harnessing the unique properties of diamonds, innovative post-processing techniques and the development of highly complex imaging optical systems, QD is creating new solutions to provide semiconductor manufacturers worldwide with unprecedented quality control capabilities.
  • Plant Origin Food Co., Ltd. from Thailand specializes in developing plant-based protein alternatives using hydrolyzed rice bran protein, which is extracted from byproducts of rice production. They provide an excellent alternative to animal-based products while reducing waste and natural resource depletion. The company's mission is to transform the food industry by offering healthy, high-quality, affordable, and eco-friendly food products that promote well-being, health, and sustainability.
  • Innspatial Technologies Chile SPA from Chile Innspatial offers services based on Artificial Intelligence to monitor assets on the ground to industries like Energy and Utility companies.
  • SEEDiA Sp. z o.o. from Poland focuses on green urban solutions, starting with solar-powered benches, info-kiosks, and bus stops. It expanded its offerings with the world's first autonomous solar charging e-bike rental station for bicycles, serving hotels, office buildings, shopping centers, and public facilities. It features a patented energy management system with weather forecasts to optimize power use, ensuring seamless operation of its facilities all year round. SEEDiA's initiatives support sustainable urban development and are implemented in over 25 countries worldwide.
  • Alphaswift Industries from Malaysia who aims to create the world's most advanced self-flying technologies that move people and goods quickly and safely, connecting communities and unlocking a world of abundance with just a tap.
  • BSF Innovation Limited from Hong Kong develops a truly organic and green construction materials mixture extracted from black soldier fly larvae shells and food waste fiber and calcium, named WASTE2BUILD, which can be integrated with traditional building materials such as cement, plasterboards, bricks and emulsion paints with up to 40% replacement portion, which can directly reduce up to 40% of carbon emission. WASTE2BUILD involves 8 SDG elements and 100% ESG compliance.
  • Crystalcol Industry from Colombia offers innovative and sustainable solutions that help reduce energy consumption expenses, starting from the production of photovoltaic glass and incorporating it into the architectural design in elements such as facades, windows, pergolas, among others with the goal of helping the construction of sustainable cities and smart cities.
  • CannaFlower from Thailand is a pioneering climate tech social enterprise on a mission to revolutionize island post consumption food waste management. They leverage innovative black soldier fly (BSF) bioreactor technology to tackle the critical challenge of post-consumption food waste, promoting a circular economy and fostering social impact within island ecosystems.
  • ZenxTag Technology from Hong Kong aims to be the pioneer and the world leader in the emerging business domain of smart food quality labeling tag technology for all sorts of prepackaged food products and the supply chain of food industry. The smart food quality labeling tag of ZenxTag gives customers visual assurance of the quality of the pre-packaged food that they are purchasing.
  • ARBO Technologies from Czech Republic merges urban forestry expertise with advanced technologies to facilitate data-driven analysis of non-forest trees. Their SaaS-based solutions enhance arboriculture know-how, providing experts with deeper insights into each tree's condition, ultimately improving tree assessments, longevity and safety measures.
The pavilion has a total of 34 startups from various countries and will be in booth S0224. For more details on the Startup Innovation, please visit their InnoVEX Pavilion page at:

Introducing the Australia – NSW Pavilion

The Australia – NSW Pavilion represents the State of New South Wales (NSW) which boasts Australia's largest population, strongest economy (50% larger than Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia), and offers a stable and secure economic and political environment. Organized by Investment NSW, NSW Government's trade and investment promotion agency; the pavilion aims to deliver on the NSW Government's priorities to build a strong economy, attract local and international investment and help NSW businesses find new export markets.

The participating startups include:
  • Morse Micro is a fabless semiconductor company developing Wi-Fi HaLow solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) market that can reach 10x the range of conventional Wi-Fi technology and last many years on a single battery.
  • MILLIBEAM is a mmWave fabless semiconductor company developing high-performance integrated circuits and systems. They enable base-station vendors to deliver 5G networks that come with a tenth of the total-cost-of-ownership of regular 5G networks.
  • ParcelTools is the leading manufacturer and supplier of mobile dimensioning and data capture portable dimensional weight calculation equipment. Their products can help users eliminate errors and guesswork, improve efficiency and reduce overheads, improve operations, and integrates easily with existing systems.
  • Quantum Brilliance is a quantum computing hardware company, who builds room temperature quantum computers. Quantum Brilliance aims to miniaturise its technology to the scale of semiconductor chips, a move that would integrate quantum computing capabilities into everyday devices, expanding the practical applications of quantum computing.
To promote the innovative companies joining the Australia – NSW Pavilion, Investment NSW will organize the Australia NSW Innovation Forum at June 4, 16:00 – 17:00 in the InnoVEX 2024 Pi Stage which will be joined by all 4 participating startups. For more details on the Australia NSW Innovation Forum, visit their event agenda at:

Look Forward to InnoVEX 2024

InnoVEX 2024 will be held from June 4 to 7 in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center (TaiNEX) Hall 2, 4F. With less than 4 weeks away to the event, the InnoVEX team at TCA has generated key visuals to promote the key themes of InnoVEX 2024: AI, Semiconductor Applications, Smart Mobility, and Green Technology.

Everyone interested in joining InnoVEX 2024 are invited to download the images and share them on their social media, including banners with templates for participants to include their exhibitor details. Find the images here:

●InnoVEX 2024 Event Overview●

This year’s special highlights:
As the special startup focused event of COMPUTEX, InnoVEX 2024 will be held concurrently with COMPUTEX 2024. The event will focus on 4 major topics: Semiconductor Applications, AI, Smart Mobility, and Green Tech. In total, over 400 startups from 30 countries and regions will join InnoVEX 2024. This year, InnoVEX will feature speakers from major global tech companies including Renesas, PSMC, and more. The winners of the InnoVEX Pitch Contest 2024 will be able to win prizes including cash or professional resource and services sponsored by Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC), the Small and Medium Enterprise and Startup Administration (SMESA) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), Business Startup Support Centre (BSSC), KPMG, NVIDIA, NXP, the ResorTech EXPO in Okinawa Executive Committee, PwC, and Taiwania Capital.
Event Date: June 4 to 7, 2024
Event Location: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center (TaiNEX) Hall 2, 4F
Main Theme: Innovation Hub of Asia
Main Topic: semiconductor applications, AI, smart mobility, and green tech
[Special Events]
InnoVEX Pitch Contest 2024: Still open for registration, finalists will be announced May 28, final round and award ceremony will be held on June 6. Registration for the Pitch Contest will end on May 13 so interested startups are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible.

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